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Sample Video Roadmap

Want to understand a bit more about the scope and scale of our video roadmap? Check out this sample roadmap below and download a PDF to enjoy at your leisure or share with colleagues. Also makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Note: this is a mock roadmap we created so as not to disclose information related to any of our clients.

What is a Video Roadmap?

All good maps identify a starting point, a goal, and the best path forward. A video roadmap is no different, as it contains almost everything you need for a successful video initiative:

  • The defined, measurable goal of the initiative
  • An audit of your current content library
  • Data from stakeholders regarding the targeted audience, messaging, and competitive differentiators
  • Strategic video concepts
  • A proposed timeline and budget for deliverables.
  • Distribution channel recommendations

Put simpler, a video roadmap diagnoses the issues and prescribes the solutions. 

That way, you’ll have more than just a library of new content at the end of your video journey. Instead, each piece of video will work to achieve a specific goal, enabling you to maximize the return on your video investment.

How do you develop a Video Roadmap?

We’ll speak with key stakeholders and conduct an audit of your current content. These steps allow us to uncover opportunities where video can drive the most impact.

From there, we analyze your competition to find differentiators and areas where you can zig while everyone else zags.

Every action is taken in pursuit of a defined, measurable goal, which helps us map out video concepts, timelines, and next steps.

Does a roadmap include creative?

A roadmap is a strategic document, not a creative one. It contains video concepts that include:

  • The purpose of the concept.
  • The metrics that will help you measure the video’s impact.
  • The intended audience of each video concept.
  • The channel on which each video will be distributed.
  • The action you want the audience to take after watching it.

Once we agree on strategic concepts, a timeline, and a budget, we can begin the pre-production process, which includes developing creative treatments and writing scripts.

There are a lot of video concepts in this sample roadmap. How does Storyboard prioritize them?

We prioritize video concepts based on the needs we uncovered during stakeholder interviews, paying particular attention to timelines and budget.

This seems like a lot of work when all we want is a video. Is it really necessary?

Our goal is not to deliver a video file and call it a day. Instead, we want to drive measurable impact by treating video as a practice.

While that may be more of an investment, we find that it also maximizes your return.