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Video FAQs
Answer those questions with a little more frequency.


Keeping your customers happy can feel like putting out one fire after another. By leveraging video, you can make your support team more efficient and effective by reducing support ticket volume,  improving response times, and making it easy for customers to find solutions.


Audit of Support Tickets


Create Videos for Top FAQs


Video Platform Recommendations


Implementation & Integration with Help Desk Platform (Optional)


1-on-1 Customer Success Video Training (Optional)

The Benefits of a Video FAQs

Reduce Support Tickets

and increase your deflection rate with easy-to-find videos that answer your customers’ most common questions. No more tedious PDFs or complicated manuals to download; just simple video solutions.


Improve Response Times

to customer support issues. Video can help you resolve cases by up to 25% faster so your team can give your customers the attention they deserve.

Increase Customer Loyalty

by making it easy for them to resolve any issues they encounter with your products or services. If a customer support FAQ video response doesn’t do the trick, you have a dedicated support team with more time available.

Deepen Your Relationships

with your customers using personalized service responses, follow-ups, and thank you videos. The 1-on-1 approach to video lets your customers put a face to a support ticket, restoring the human element to your customer service process.

Collect Customer Data

through video metrics to discover your customers’ common pain points and take action to address those issues. Find out where you can improve your products, services, and operations to make your business better.

Generate Optimized Content

that improves your site’s SEO. Properly optimized FAQ videos are a smart, simple way to create fresh content for your website that will boost your rankings.

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