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Video Production For Sales
Video for B2B sales teams that turns prospects into customers, and customers into drinking buddies.


Once you have the video strategy in place, you’re ready for the big show: production. But that means so much more than ‘shooting on set’. Production covers everything from 12-person crews to just you. Using your roadmap as our guide, we prioritize the video content that needs to be created to ensure you’re hitting your goals, budgets, and timelines.

We’ve produced just about every type of video for clients in just about every vertical.

From one-to-one webcam videos that increase prospect engagement or micro-demos that quickly outline the features your prospects need most –– to upsell videos that enable your team to expand existing accounts, we’ll make sure you and your team have the tools, equipment, and training to get the most out of video selling.

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A little bit of pre-production goes a long way. In this phase, we apply creative treatments to the strategic video concepts outlined in your roadmap, then write scripts, secure locations, cast talent, hire crew, and more.

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This is where the proverbial sausage actually gets made. During production, the entire team comes together to execute the concept, shooting the footage, directing the actors, and capturing the sound that we’ll use to craft your video and corresponding assets.

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In post-production, your video footage is edited to tell a story using graphics, animations, music, and more. Thumbnails, .gifs, and promo cuts are created from your anchor content to give you a full suite of assets required for a successful campaign.


We teamed up with Teamworks to create a library of “micro demos,” short videos that highlight individual features of their athlete engagement platform. These demos can be assembled into custom playlists for their sales team to send prospects for consensus building, as well as self-guided website-based education tools.

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