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Our Story

Ben Oliver and Justin Plant first met in 2012 when Ben was hired as a freelance videographer for a company in Chapel Hill where Justin was the in-house videographer. 3 months and 30+ videos later, they stepped out of the 10×10 office they were sharing, breathed in some badly needed fresh air, and went their separate ways. 

But not for long. After hiring each other back and forth for their own projects for a few years, they finally decided to join forces and launched Storyboard Media in January of 2014.

For years now, we’ve made our living in video production. We built our business by asking the best questions, from which we pitched the best creative concepts. That, and Ben is a huge flirt.

Somewhere along the way we realized that the more we knew our clients and the better we understood how video worked within their overall marketing efforts, the creative we were pitching got better. And our videos got more results.

What gets us the job these days is our process for developing comprehensive video strategies, silo-specific strategic video initiatives, and finding the way for our clients’ videos to have the most impact on their business, rather than just ‘video production’. That is our living now. And Ben is still a flirt.

We know where this industry is going. We’ve seen where it’s been. And we’re changing the way things are done. That’s better for our clients, and it’s better for us. Kinda feels like the definition of a “win-win.”

We invite you to be a part of our story, and to start doing video marketing the Storyboard way.







How We’re Different

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Strategy first

Every video is built on a foundation of strategy, which guides our decisions throughout the course of your project.

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outcomes based

We’re not satisfied with simply delivering high-quality video; we expect our video to get results.

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small core team

Our core team is small but mighty, delivering a personal experience every step of the way.

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top talent

We leverage our vast network of top video industry talent across the globe.

Who We Are



Ben’s career in the video industry began with a lie. At the time he was consulting small, home-based startups when one of his clients asked if he knew how to edit video. Desperate for more billable hours, he lied and said, “Yes.” Three editing projects later, he knew he had stumbled upon his calling.

These days, while Ben’s focus is more on strategic planning and running the business, Justin still gets a certain nostalgic look in his eye when he says, “Ben’s the best editor I know.”

Ben currently resides in Downtown Durham with no wife, no kids, and no pets.


justin plant
principal & CO-FOUNDER


Many people know Justin as a producer at Storyboard Media. (What does a producer actually do, anyhow?) Others recognize him as an expert outdoorsman – hunting, camping, and generally exploring the wilderness. And yet others are aware of his status as a world-class athlete – competing in endurance events, mountain biking, and dunking on you in basketball.

Every fall, Justin grows a beard on which John Lennon of The Beatles has commented, “simply remarkable.”

He lives in Durham with his wife, his two sons, and dog.


jaclyn batts
account manager


Jaclyn started working with video way back in her elementary school days. She and her siblings would make wonderful – let’s just give her the benefit of the doubt – home movies to share with family and friends.

That interest led her to get an undergraduate degree in Film & Theatre from North Carolina State University, which then took her to Savannah where she received her graduate degree in Film Production from SCAD.

She worked for a couple of years freelancing as a video editor, and then as a Production Coordinator, before joining Storyboard Media as Account Manager.

Jaclyn and her husband live in Raleigh with their cat and dog, B and Dexter.


david olson


David is Storyboard Media’s Creative Director. After spending most of his twenties in Chicago freelancing as a PA and tending bar, David eventually burned his winter coats and moved to Los Angeles to complete his MFA in Writing for TV and Film. There, he joined a leading marketing agency as a content specialist.

At Storyboard, David has the opportunity to bridge his experience in marketing with his passion for writing, directing, editing, and tacos.

David and his wife live in Durham with their three cats, Ronaldo, Lorax, and Biff.




Michael is an award-winning filmmaker and actor. With over 15 years in film and video production at both the indie and professional level, he’s a jack-of-all-trades as he’s worked in many capacities including director, writer, cinematographer, editor, actor, and more. His films have played in festivals worldwide and his recent feature film “Where We’re Meant to Be” is currently available on streaming.

He enjoys soccer, spending way too much at the Alamo Drafthouse theater, and eating cereal. By living in Raleigh, he shifts the balance of the office more toward the light. He also has a son and is banking on the hope that he can live off him one day, sooner rather than later.



Joey hails from the great state of New York and the pretty good town of Rochester. He attended Penn State University where he worked as the videographer and editor for Penn State Athletics. He joined Storyboard Media in 2021 as an editor, motion graphics animator, and general good to have around guy. Also, Joey didn’t write his own bio. Look, he’s an animator, k?


Our Secret Ingredient

We learned a long time ago that to make better video we had to surround ourselves with people more creatively and technically talented than us.

We are proud to work with a network of immensely talented freelancers, as well as platforms like Uncompany and Communo to find the best people to help us execute each of our clients’ projects.

Agency Partnerships

We’re proud to partner with these leading companies to create more effective video for business.