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Video Distribution For Marketing
Also known as “Distribupromalysis.”

PUT your video to work

To get the highest return on your investment in video marketing, you need solid distribution and promotion plans. Fortunately for you, we put just as much – if not more – thought into distribution during our strategy phase as we put into script revisions and camera selection.

Get your video in front of the right audiences, in the right places, at the right time.

Using your video strategy as our guide, we’ll distribute and promote your content across the optimal channels to reach your target audience. By identifying your key value metrics early, we can analyze your campaign’s performance and draw insights that help us improve future initiatives.

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The distribution phase is how and where you publish your video content, from your website and social media networks to video hosting platforms. These are your unpaid channels where your video lives organically.

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Promoting your videos through paid campaigns on social media and programmatic networks help ensure that your message is delivered directly to your target audience. The earlier you know where you plan to promote your video, the better you can account for parameters like video length, aspect ratio, and viewer ambiance.

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By analyzing the data you collect through distribution and promotion, you can create helpful attribution models, draw better insights about your business, and refine your strategy for the future campaign.

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