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Event Video Marketing
Zhuzh up your company's next event with some gorg little videos.


Whether you’re planning a virtual conference or an annual company party, video is the most effective way to spread the word, capture testimonial and thought leadership content, and take your event from ‘complete shit’ to a ‘total hit’!



Promotional Video Campaign Leading Up to Event


Original Video Content to Play During Event


Client & Employee Testimonial Video Captured At Event


Thought Leadership Video From Presentations


B-Roll To Create Next Year's Promotional Content


Event Recap Video

The Benefits of Event video marketing

Take Advantage of Thought Leaders & Advocates

who are already in attendance. Capture thought leadership content, customer success stories, and employee testimonials to share long after your event is over.

Drive Attendance

with promotional campaigns that target the right audience personas. Our event marketing videos not only raise awareness but provide potential attendees with the tools they need to convince their bosses and sign up for your event.

Reduce Attrition

by playing entertaining and original video content in between speakers. This keeps your audience engaged and in their seats.

Collect Actionable Data

about your audience to gain valuable insights about their interests, how they’re finding you, and how you can market to them better in the future.

Event Video Marketing Opportunities

Save the Date

  • Targets previous attendees
  • Sets dates and location
  • Pre-registration

Top Reasons To Attend

  • Provides value props
  • Drip campaign

Convince Your Boss

  • Showcases brand voice
  • Actionable content
  • Generates buzz

The Infinite Loop

  • Highlights sponsors & partnerships
  • Provides enhanced entertainment value
  • Reveals enlightening statistics

Speaker Introductions

  • More professional
  • Pre-recorded and error free

Product Announcements

  • Highlight new products or updates
  • Build buzz and interest
  • Share videos on social media

Customer Stories

  • Authentic testimonials
  • Optimal for multiple channels
  • Builds stronger relationships


  • Valuable thought leadership
  • Can be used for promo content


  • Promo content
  • Behind the scenes
  • Attendee takeaways

Let’s Have A Chat

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