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Sure, we think we’re great… but don’t take our word for it.

We asked our clients to take 30 seconds to tell us what they thought about us…

What Our Clients Had To Say

Here are my thoughts in 30 seconds:
1. I work with Storyboard Media because you are an extension of my team. You take the time to understand our markets, audience, and goals which ultimately, saves me time and provides peace of mind.
2. You take your jobs seriously but not yourselves. Who would want to hang out with a bunch of stiffs?
3. Regardless of project size, Storyboard delivers high-quality content.
4. Justin and Ben are really … (30 seconds are up)

Stephanie Ross


Sense of humor, passion about the work, willing to listen, and try ideas.

Seth Gross

Bull City Burger & Brewery/Pompieri Pizza

Justin, Ben, and the team really delved into what we needed as a company, and what our strengths and weaknesses were. Based on that, they helped us fine-tune a very raw concept and come up with an overall video marketing strategy. Not only am I pleased with the result, but on a personal note, this is going to be one of those memorable moments in my career.

Melissa Sturtzel

AroundCampus Group


Devin Kelley

Method Savvy

I would say that you all are organized and do a good job communicating, and scheduling project components. We are really busy, and things pop up that require immediate attention constantly, so not having to invest additional resources in coordinating meetings is helpful.

Allison Hinson

Granville Towers

Would love to. Let me work up something.

Joe Braga


Why do I like (no, LOVE) working with the folks at Storyboard Media? In brief… Storyboard is collaborative, creative, understanding, knowledgeable, responsive, responsible, competent, results driven, and of course fun. As a very satisfied Storyboard Media client, I can certainly provide MORE reasons as to why I will use them again (and again). Just ask!

Tom Triumph

Orbital Environments

Working with Storyboard offers a perfect blend of fun, personality, professionalism, and damn good video marketing. Ben and Justin just do it right, and that’s why I find excuses to continue to work with them.

Jordan Shamp

Noteables, Totes My Goat, Contract Hound

Professional, Organic, Easy Results.

Mya Shackleford

Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy

Personalized service with professional results.

Dr. Kai Kennedy

Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy

In a few words, I’d say Storyboard Media is… Easy going, Interesting, Your work is intriguing – it’s not dull or expected, your team has personality, you’re excited about your work, which makes us excited to work with you.

Ellie McIntosh

Longfellow Real Estate Partners

I like working with you because you’re actual people.

Katelin Franklin

Granville Towers

Out-of-the-Box creativity, flexible, passionate, and easy to work with. Great value for the dollar spent. And you are fun guys.

Scott Selig

Duke University

You guys are creative, cool, and incredibly easy to work with.

Justin Parker

Wexford Science+Technology/The Chesterfield

You take the time to understand our goals but also help guide us outside of the square box we had already resigned ourselves to be in. Plus you guys keep me laughing in stressful times.

Andy Oliver


Authentic, Honest feedback, No BS (there has to be a Durham pun in there somewhere), Clear concern for my organization to meet our goals.

Daniel Blakely


You guys are UBER-fun while also being UBER-sincere about creating a truly quality product! You are so skilled at thinking ahead to the experience, and feeling that the end user will have by consuming the video instead of just focusing on some generic “best practice” strategy that leaves out the gift of the person or service you are showcasing. I felt like you really GOT me, and my message and that makes a huge difference when entrusting someone with your brand and with communicating your personality. Lots of love!

Jason Goldberg


Y’all are thoughtful, thorough, creative, and fun to work with. Plus the end product is stunning!

Erin Kaufman

Durham Central Park

What Our Collaborators Had To Say

This is probably way too late, but if I may, I would still like to tell you why I enjoy working with you guys. There are a lot of reasons, and it’s hard to say it in a few words, and as much as it sounds cliche, I like working with you because it’s you guys, Ben and Justin. I believe Storyboard Media wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t you guys. You are Storyboard Media, and you guys rock. Always respectful of people like me who collaborates with you, you always ask me what I think, and listen to me when I have concerns or ideas, and you are laid back. I feel that you think of me as a friend more than somebody who you just hire to work time to time, and I really appreciate that a lot!


Editor/Motion Graphics

I couldn’t do it in one word. But why I like working with you is because: You have a very clear vision for each project. You’re relaxed but want a high-quality result.



Justin and Ben are supremely organized, creative, communicative, and talented. They are very personable with me as well as the talent they work with. The work produced from Storyboard is aesthetically pleasing and their work ethic is evident in all they venture into. I appreciate their desire to think outside of the box and find uncharted, creative ways to tell old and new stories. I am always excited to send people their way because I know the outcome and relationship will be a positive and encouraging experience.


Casting Agent

Dat playlist, Fun clients, Creative work.



I enjoy working with Storyboard Media because Justin and Ben love what they do. They make it fun, and exciting every time I’m on set with them. They get along, and there’s never any drama, and I love that. It’s so refreshing. It’s always a good time when you’re with Storyboard. I miss you guys! Have a wonderful week!


Hair & Makeup Artist

Personality, skill, fun, talent.



Are you just looking for me to tell you that I like you? Cause I won’t do it – it’s not true. I like working with Storyboard because it never feels like a traditional video production job. It feels like hanging with some friends and creating something really cool. On a personal (and totally not bullshit – seriously) note, the projects I’ve worked on with you guys have been some of the best quality stuff I’ve worked on. Each project we’ve done together has been unique, high quality, and sticks out from other stuff I’ve worked on. There you piece of shit. Hope that fucking helps.


Creative Consultant

Why Storyboard? Because you’ve finally had enough of the same old crap. It’s not about just hiring someone that can get “the job” done. It’s about taking the opportunity to work with a dynamic team that’s willing to take risks, thinks different, and ultimately solves using any and all creative mojo possible. AND if you want to see some dude run around a college dorm with a 360 camera strapped to his head and LED light panel on his chest…these are the guys to work with.


360/VR Technician

You guys are just cool. Great to work with, great to hang out with. Pretty calm, and even-keeled on set. The second thing is that you think outside of the box. You guys are willing to take things to the edge. You’ve got the strategies, resources, and research that allows it to work. That’s the thing that gets me, is you’re not just out there to make a video, and collect a check. You love what you do and people should hire you because you enjoy doing it, and you’re fricken good at it, and put out great content. And third, you guys think about the complete picture, as far as, are we hitting the right metrics, are we getting it to the right people in the right places, how’s the engagement? You’re a complete package.



I like working with y’all cause you’re laid-back, down to earth guys who know how to deliver not only what the client wants, but what they need.



Because y’all are creative, and organized. There’s a lot of creative people in the film/video biz, but the ability to organize a creative vision, and deliver something of quality is much less common. It enables real talent in front of the camera to focus on our role knowing that y’all have mapped out the vision for the video already. And y’all are f’ng efficient.. you don’t overshoot, you are careful in selecting the shots, and you respect the time of the talent/client. Peace.