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Trulioo | Use Cases & Solutions


Client: Trulioo

HQ: Vancouver, BC

URL: www.trulioo.com/

Company Type: RegTech

Project Focus: Marketing

Client Product/Service: Identity Verification Solutions

Case Summary:

If you’re an enterprise organization in the market for identity verification solutions, then you are bound to have questions. Where do those identity verification solutions apply? As you’re onboarding a new customer or business; you need to ensure that person or business is who they say they are. This video explores that Onboarding Use Case from a bird’s eye view, including a distinction between those two ‘sub-use cases’, onboarding a customer and onboarding a business. This video series featured a host addressing camera and walking the viewer through that use case before ‘handing it off’ to the next video, the User Journey and then from there, to the Solutions that our client Trulioo can provide.

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