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RevBoss | Company Culture


Client: RevBoss

HQ: Durham, NC

URL: https://revboss.com/

Company Type: Lead Gen

Project Focus: Customer Success

Case Summary:

We partnered with our long-time clients and friends to create a video that shows off all the people that make up our RevBoss team.

For this company culture video, we wanted to prove that the culture of RevBoss matches what they promise prospective employees. So we created an anthem video that is exciting and high-energy with smiling people having lots of fun. We dive into the dichotomy of fun vs getting shit done and how that directly relates to work-life balance. All in all, this video highlighted RevBoss’s company values of happiness, accountability, and transparency.

If you want to join our team of lightsaber-loving, Moira Rose-impersonating, highly-talented people — look no further than RevBoss.