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Lucidworks | Lucid Thoughts: Season 1


Client: Lucidworks

HQ: San Francisco, CA

URL: https://lucidworks.com/ | https://www.youtube.com/lucidthoughts

Company Type: Artificial Intelligence Software, B2B

Project Focus: Marketing, Sales

Client Product/Service: Artificial Intelligence solutions for business

Case Summary: Lucidworks initially came to Storyboard Media seeking a few animated explainer videos that could communicate the benefits of their advanced AI software to the average executive. Our strategic Springboard process ultimately led to the creation of a live-action video series that launched a new YouTube channel, Lucid Thoughts.

We worked closely with the client to determine the topics for Season Two and write scripts that would speak to our target audience in a fun, engaging way.

We knew it was important to have a relatable host convey these concepts. Brynn brought charisma, energy, and a sense of humor to the performance which made the information easier to absorb. Our post-production team kept the animation style light and easy to follow.

We produced six episodes of Season One and one promotional video announcing the creation of the YouTube channel.We also created animated thumbnails and keyword-optimized YouTube titles and metadata for each video. In the end, we delivered over 50 unique assets.

See Lucid Thoughts Season 1 Here: