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Lowes Foods | Brand Anthem


Client: Lowes Foods

HQ: Winston-Salem,NC

URL: https://www.lowesfoods.com/

Company Type: Grocery Store

Project Focus: Branding

Case Summary: The Brand Anthem is a planting of the flag in the ground. A rallying cry. A barbaric yawp. It’s Rocky charging up the steps. William Wallace on his horse. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. The Lowes Foods Brand Anthem isn’t merely an invitation to join our common cause, or a restatement of our mission set to dramatic music.

It’s the moment we choose to seize the future of this industry by doubling-down on what got us this far in the first place: our principles, our pride, and our people. You know what? Scratch that. Clear eyes, full hearts, will win.

For the Lowes Foods Brand Anthem, we wanted to spark pride in hosts and executives alike, honoring the legacy of the past while casting a vision for the future –– leaving their audience inspired and energized to take on whatever comes next.