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TVR Newsletter | Friday 7/10/2020


Happy Friday

Here are a few things to distract you from our strange, cruel world
1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep 31: Storytelling in B2B Messaging
2. Why Virtual Conferences May Be Here to Stay
3. Mmhmm Turns Your Boring Zoom Call into a Weekend Update-style TV Show
4. 18 Awesome Vidyard Hacks You Need to Know About
5. One Company’s Video Strategy Racked Up $6 Million in Sales


Fun Fact: 12% of people dream entirely in black and white. 


TVR Podcast, Episode 31
How to Use Storytelling in B2B Messaging

Over the past several years, “Storytelling” has become an overused buzzword and has lost any real significance. Like “Synergy” or “Profitability.”

This week, Ben and Justin demystify the concept of storytelling by breaking down the elements of a story, then explain how to effectively apply storytelling in B2B messaging.

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Why Virtual Conferences May Be Here to Stay [Entrepreneur]

You may want to go ahead and invest in some more fake books for that fake library behind you, because –– Covid or no Covid –– virtual conferences may be here to stay.

As both companies and attendees have started to see their benefits, virtual conferences might just become part of the new normal.


Mmhmm Turns Your Boring Zoom Call into a Weekend Update-style TV Show [The Verge]

If you’ve been on a Zoom call lately and thought, “Boy, I sure could spice up this meeting by tossing out a few sharp-elbowed zingers with a 40% success rate,” then Mmhmm, the app that can turn your Zoom into a Weekend Update-style show, might be for you.

Seriously, though, Mmhmm offers some pretty cool features.


18 Awesome Vidyard Hacks You Need to Know About [Vidyard]

If you’re anything like me, you only recently discovered that you can erase a text message on an iPhone by shaking it. I am told this is what the kids call a “hack.”

If you’re a Vidyard user, don’t make the same mistake by missing out on these 18 awesome Vidyard hacks. And if you’re not a Vidyard user, maybe these features will convince you that you should be.


One Company’s Video Marketing Strategy that Helped Rack Up $6 Million in Sales [Financial Post]

The Hush Blanket, a weighted blanket that kind of makes you feel like you’re being swallowed by a bag of sand, managed to generate $600,000 in sales in its first year and is on track to sell $6 million this year. How, you ask?

Two reasons: first, the undeniable appeal of being swallowed by a bag of sand in 2020, and, second, their undeniably smart video marketing strategy.

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