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TVR Newsletter | 11/26/2021


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1. The Real Cost of B2B Video Content
2. How To Get More From Your Video Storytelling Investment
3. 13 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Video Content
4. 6 Advertising Challenges Brands Could Face in 2022
5. 3 Marketing Metrics to Stop Tracking And What to Measure Instead


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The Real Cost of B2B Video Content

Video ain’t free — and apparently Grammarly Premium ain’t, either. While there are ways to lower the costs of practicing video, it can still be expensive to hire cast and crew, rent locations, and secure equipment.

Yet, video can also have a measurable return on the dollar you spend. That is, video isn’t an expense; it’s an investment.

To better understand where your investment money is going during a B2B video production, head over to The Video Reformation blog for this week’s post.


Video Storytelling: Here’s How to Get More From Your Investment [Content Marketing Institute]

One of the most universally important investment lessons anyone learns is that money can be a tool to earn more money, and those that are predisposed to spend the entirety of their weekly allowance on Jason Isringhausen rookie cards are not using their tool wisely. Again, this is a universal lesson everyone has come to learn.

So, if video is an investment, then it’s essential to have a strategy to boost your return. At CMI, they’ve written an in-depth strategy guide that offers the ins and outs of how to use every dollar of your video marketing budget effectively.


Get the Most From Your Webinars With These 13 Repurposing Ideas [CMI]

The best part of Thanksgiving isn’t the meal itself; it’s the creative configurations of leftovers that are made the next day. That’s because all the hard work is already done, so making a turkey sandwich crammed with cranberries and stuffed with stuffing is the ultimate bang for your culinary buck.

Repurposing webinar content should be viewed similarly. Yet, too many companies choose to throw out their mouthwatering video content simply because the meal is over. Instead, what they should be doing is repurposing that content to create a plethora of blog posts, podcasts, and other tools to boost engagement and leads.

So, before you pour that webinar video content down the drain, head over to CMI to see how to turn those leftovers into another delicious marketing meal.


6 Advertising Challenges Brands Could Face in 2022 [HubSpot]

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is almost over. It’s also hard to understand how time works now. You’re seriously telling me that 2021 has only been a single year and that 2020 was last year? That’s honestly one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

Still, as your marketing team prepares for 2022 and/or whatever year is next, it’s helpful to know in advance about the challenges they may face. In their recent blog post, HubSpot digs deep to identify these new challenges along with ways for your marketing team to overcome them. 


Three Marketing Metrics to Stop Tracking And What to Measure Instead [MarketingProfs]

We’ve spent a lot of time in this edition of The Video Reformation newsletter talking about how video is an investment. Inherent in that belief is the idea the return on your video investment can be measured. If you’re using the wrong metrics, though, you may never know how successful or unsuccessful your investment is. And there’s nothing worse than being successful and not even realizing it.

Instead of guessing that your video content is effective or following a metric that may lead you astray, ensure you’re measuring for real success with the metrics recommended by MarketingProfs. 

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