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3 Film Essay YouTubers You Gotta See

When I first interviewed for Storyboard Media’s open Account + Project Manager position way back in January, Ben and Justin asked me a bunch of questions about soft skills, hard skills, and everything in between.


But that was over in fifteen minutes. The rest of the time was spent geeking out over our favorite Film Essay YouTubers.


Don’t google the term. I made it up. I guess some call them video essays, but it’s the best way I know to describe the wickedly talented content creators on YouTube who break down the elements of great film-making for those of us who are passionate about film, but don’t have the time (or the inclination) to go to film school. And these are my top 3.



The Nerdwriter



To be clear, Evan Puschak aka The Nerdwriter does way more than just video essays. But honestly, those are my favorites. His essays do a superb job of deconstructing great and not-so-great movies in order to specifically explain what helped or hurt the film.


Lessons From The Screenplay



Michael Tucker’s video series dissects movies whose screenplays rock, and explains why they rock. Even if you’ve never read a single screenplay in your life, you will love how these videos demonstrate the hard work that goes into translating the magic on the page to the magic on the screen.


Every Frame A Painting



I saved my favorite for last. Video essayist and editor Tony Zhou has a way with film. Whether deconstructing the art of editing (see video above), or explaining the science of visual comedy, or finding applied technique in Michael Bay movies, Tony’s series of videos keeps you guessing and always wanting more.


Know any great Film Essay Youtubers I missed?
Drop a comment below.