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Case Study: Trulioo | “Mr. Catalyst” Video Library Audit



Company Type:

Technology, B2B

Project Focus:

SEO, YouTube, Video Optimization

Client Product/Service:

Identity Verification Technology

Case Summary

Trulioo, a leading identity verification solutions provider that builds and connects identity networks for companies around the globe, came to Storyboard with a video library of engaging content already uploaded to their branded YouTube channel. However, their videos struggled to reach the top of YouTube’s search results. 

To push their content to the top of search rankings, we conducted our Mr. Catalyst video library audit. We analyzed Trulioo’s library to identify videos whose metadata could be optimized to improve search engine performance and audience engagement. We also made sure all of their currently available videos contained consistent branding aligned with the current state of the company. 

After our work was complete, Trulioo experienced a dramatic increase in the SEO metrics of its YouTube library.


When Trulioo first approached Storyboard Media, the rapidly-growing start up already had a strong branded YouTube channel that contained several dozen videos. While their content was professionally produced and engaging, they found that their videos’ search performance results were often lackluster. Additionally, the branding across their YouTube channel was inconsistent.  

We confirmed Trulioo’s issues using a metric called “Actionable SEO Score.” This metric measures the impact of metadata – such as title, tags, and video descriptions – on the video’s search engine performance on a scale of 0 to 50. Higher scores are better. 

Based on our video library audit conducted in April 2021, we found that the average actionable SEO score of Trulioo’s YouTube content was 31.31. Multiple videos had individual scores of 0 and several more failed to reach a score of 20. This indicated opportunities for improvement.


Our audit of Trulioo’s YouTube video library found a variety of common issues that can harm search result rankings. We also uncovered ways to boost audience engagement by taking advantage of built-in YouTube tools. For instance, two of these tools – cards and end screens – allow audiences to click relevant links or subscribe to the channel when the video calls for them and while the video continues playing.  

Further, we noticed that Trulioo was not organizing its content in playlists. Playlists make it easy to group a channel’s content with other relevant videos. They act as channel-created rabbit holes that keep the audience engaged and watching your content.

Additionally, much of Trulioo’s content was no longer relevant. These videos featured old branding, focused on employee representatives no longer at the company, or utilized content that was repeated in newer videos. Some videos were severely underperforming and ultimately unnecessary to the brand at large. 

Of the 57 videos we analyzed, we recommended moving 32 into the private or unlisted category. Of the remaining 25 videos, each had multiple metadata or engagement components that required optimization. Specifically, our audit found: 

  • 7 videos without end screens 
  • 9 videos without manual closed captioning 
  • 10 videos with unoptimized titles 
  • 15 videos that weren’t shared on Trulioo’s Facebook page 
  • 18 videos lacking relevant keyword tags 
  • 20 videos without cards 
  • 25 videos without a playlist 

Our Mr. Catalyst video library audit created a road map for these changes. Some of these changes were small; it’s fairly easy to share a video to Facebook or group content together in playlists. Other changes were more significant and required further research to ensure that titles and tags set their respective videos up for success.

We also designed and created a library of branded graphic elements and animations, including title cards, end cards, and lower thirds, that could be used to give any new videos a consistent, branded look.

Ultimately, through our audit and the resulting recommendations, we were able to organize Trulioo’s YouTube channel and help boost the channel’s actionable SEO score.


Our first audit of Trulioo’s YouTube library was in April 2021. At that time, they had 57 videos with an average SEO score of 31.31. 

After optimizing the 25 videos that we decided to keep public on Trulioo’s channel, we conducted a second audit in July 2021 to see if our work was successful; indeed, we reported significant improvements. Specifically, the average SEO score of Trulioo’s YouTube library rose to 45.25 – an increase of 45% in just a few months.

This increase wasn’t simply driven by the removal of underperforming videos. In fact, if you were to compare only the 24 videos that survived the optimization process, the increase in their average SEO scores from the first to the second audit jumps to nearly 63%.  

We can break down the increases between the two audits on an individual video basis: 

  • 11 videos increased their scores by at least 20 points.
  • 5 videos increased their scores by between 10 and 19 points.
  • 5 videos increased their scores by between 1 and 9 points.
  • 3 videos had scores that changed by less than a point.

Additionally, the range of scores was now much narrower. Our first audit found that Trulioo’s YouTube channel had videos with scores that ranged from 0 to 47.5. After our second audit, the lowest-ranked video now had a score of 43.7 

The Mr. Catalyst process is perfectly exemplified in this case study. Like Trulioo, many companies already have an extensive video content library. Yet, their videos still struggle to rank highly in search results. This leads to diminished ROI and lacking engagement metrics. 

Our video content audit service can help. As with Trulioo, we can provide verifiable metrics that show how your videos are performing and create a roadmap for improvement. This helps boost the return on each video’s investment and gives your potential audience an increased chance of finding your video when they’re out searching the vast internet wilderness.  

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