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Case Study: Teamworks | Micro Demos



Company Type:

B2B, Software Company

Project Focus:

Marketing, Sales

Client Product/Service:

Athlete engagement software

Case Summary

Teamworks is an athlete engagement platform serving over 2,000 teams worldwide. The rapidly growing company came to us seeking video that conveyed the value of their platform to both college and professional athletic teams. We created a series of clear and concise videos that highlighted some of the most popular features of the platform to arm their sales team with easy-to-deploy content.


Following a successful collaboration on our Trade Show Exhibit video, we reteamed with Teamworks to identify the most effective ways to incorporate video into their marketing and sales processes. We launched a Springboard to determine Teamworks’ goals, audience, and optimal distribution channels for video before designing several strategic concepts and creating a customized video roadmap.


First, we determined the specific goals for the Teamworks marketing and sales teams, which included growing their client base, accelerating the sales cycle, and enabling inbound prospects to self-educate and self-qualify.

Next, we identified the audience personas that Teamworks wanted to speak to with their video initiatives. These included the decision makers involved in the sales and marketing departments of D1 NCAA athletic teams (both FBS and FCS), professional sports teams, and national governing bodies.

One of the strategic concepts we developed around these goals and audience personas was a library of short feature-focused “micro demos,” each of which highlights a specific feature of the platform. These demos could be assembled into custom playlists for sales to send for consensus building, as well as self-guided website-based education tools.


In the end, we created seven micro demos (you can view them below) focusing on five of the Teamworks platform’s most popular features according to existing customer data: scheduling calendar meetings, managing forms, sending messages, exploring profiles, and creating travel itinerary.

These videos walked through each feature from the perspective of the user to clearly demonstrate the ease of functionality and quality of the interface. Adding eye-catching motion graphics, heart-pumping music, and Teamworks branding gave the videos energy and consistency while delivering clear, simple messages.

The Teamworks sales team is now able to pick and choose the micro demos they wanted to include in a playlist to a prospect. By using available data on which audience persona gravitates toward which feature, a sales team member can now create a customized playlist to increase the odds that the prospect’s interest will be piqued.

Our strategic video initiatives have contributed to Teamworks’ exponential growth – the company boasts recent contracts with the Boston Red Sox, Tennessee Titans, and the Memphis Grizzlies. Game on.

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