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Just Kibbitz | Eggplant


Client: Just Kibbitz

HQ: Asheville, NC

URL: www.justkibbitz.com/

Company Type: B2C Technology

Project Focus: Marketing

Client Product/Service: Dating Site targeting Jewish mothers and their single children.

Case Summary: Just Kibbitz is the only dating site that empowers Jewish mothers to play matchmaker for their children. Just Kibbitz approached Storyboard Media six months before their launch date seeking a marketing video that would speak to their target audience –– Jewish mothers. We did our homework, learning everything we cloud about their audience –– from why Jewish mothers would be drawn to a dating platform like Just Kibbitz to their hobbies, mannerisms, and go-to Yiddish phrases –– and after months of close collaboration with Just Kibbitz, the Eggplant concept was born. The not-so-subtle innuendo of Eggplant aims to underscore one of the most important advantages of Just Kibbitz as a dating platform, while making it easy to understand how it works.

In the end, we created a core anchor video (1 minute in length, ideal for native upload on Instagram), a subtitled version, eight promo pieces (designed for use on Instagram Stories and YouTube preroll), and multiple animated thumbnails to use in a content mix on social media. Just Kibbitz launched in October 2020 –– and quickly saw an increase in user sign-ups and positive media attention.

See the full campaign here: