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Case Study | Contract Hound: Meet Joe


Contract Hound

Company Type:

Contract Management, Technology, B2B

Project Focus:

Marketing, Sales, Brand Awareness

Client Product/Service:

Contract management software

Case Summary

Contract Hound develops B2B contract management software that aims to make organizing, signing, and sharing contracts simpler. As a relatively young company in a competitive space, they were looking for a way to stand out from the crowd while highlighting the differentiating features of their platform. With a limited budget available, creating a single video to achieve these goals would be a challenge… but as it turned out, it would be a fun one.


Contract Hound came to us, like many of our best clients, saying something along the lines of, “we really want some video, but don’t know exactly what to do here.” That’s the perfect way to start a conversation with us.

We knew going into this that there was really only the budget for one video, so it had better make a significant impact. But what, exactly, did a successful ‘impact’ look like for a company like Contract Hound?

First of all, the video should generate a return on their investment. That would most likely come from new or more qualified leads being driven to the sales team. The video should also reflect a bit about their company culture, which can be another significant differentiator for prospects when it comes to choosing a new contract management platform.


After understanding their sales goals, sales process, target audience, and competitors – as well as conducting a thorough investigation of the software itself – we designed a concept that addressed their inbound, as well as outbound efforts.

We positioned this as a second-step in the funnel type of video – whether someone was shopping for contract management software, or they were contacted by a Contract Hound sales rep, then they must already be aware that this sort of thing exists. So our concept focused on WHY Contract Hound is the right fit for their business.

Of course, showing off the platform’s strengths was important. But so is the culture of the company. So we had some fun with it too. We brought a somewhat subversive concept to the table that was designed to catch viewers’ attention and get them engaged quickly before showing off all of the awesome features the Contract Hound software offers.

We scripted out the video, tapped into our talented network of freelancers to shoot the video in one day, and hired a voiceover artist to have some fun with our VO dialogue. And did he ever. You should see the director’s cut.


The Contract Hound video racked up over 3,000 views on YouTube, but more importantly, it provided the company with a powerful sales tool to help move prospects further down the funnel. The video not only underscores the reasons why Contract Hound is a superior contract management software, but it lets potential customers know that they’re working with a different kind of company culture (read: professional but not overly buttoned-up).

The icing on the cake came when the Contract Hound “Meet Joe… F*ck Joe” video was nominated for a 2018 Vidyard Video in Business Award in the ‘Video Marketing Storyteller’ category, ultimately securing a spot as an honorable mention.

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