Ben Oliver | Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Ben’s career in the video industry began with a lie. At the time he was consulting small, home-based startups when one of his clients asked if he knew how to edit video. Desperate for more billable hours, he lied and said, “Yes.” Three editing projects later, he knew he had stumbled upon his calling.

These days, while Ben’s focus is more on creative ideation, strategic planning, and directing, Justin still gets a certain nostalgic look in his eye when he says, “Ben’s the best editor I know.”

Justin Plant | Principal & Co-Founder

Many people know Justin as a producer at Storyboard Media. (What does a producer actually do, anyhow?) Others recognize him as an expert outdoorsman – hunting, camping, and generally exploring the wilderness. And yet others are aware of his status as a world-class athlete – competing in endurance events, mountain biking, and dunking on you in basketball. Every fall, Justin grows a beard on which John Lennon of The Beatles has commented, “simply remarkable.”

He lives in Durham with his wife, his two sons, and dog.

Anthony Siciliano | Video Production Coordinator

Anthony’s interest in film production and editing started with a college course titled “Mediated Communication Systems”. Sounds exciting right? In fact, it gave him his first opportunity to use a professional editing program and inspired him to change majors for the third and final time. After graduating from High Point University, he attended a six-week editing workshop in Manhattan, moved to Raleigh, NC and spent nearly five years as a freelancer working on a variety of feature and short films, reality television shows, corporate, and promotional video projects before joining with Storyboard Media.

David Olson | Content Strategist

David is Storyboard Media’s resident Content Strategist. After spending most of his twenties in Chicago freelancing as a PA and tending bar, David eventually burned his winter coats and moved to Los Angeles to complete his MFA in Writing for TV and Film. There, he discovered he had a knack for writing copy and transformed himself into an SEO specialist. At Storyboard, he has the opportunity to bridge his experience in marketing with his passion for production.

David and his wife now live in Durham, where they can more easily afford food and rent.