Our Process

Whether it’s a single video production or a year’s worth of video content, we only want to work on projects that deliver an ROI for our clients. Here's how that works...

Step 1: Strategize

Creating corporate video that doesn’t suck starts with a clear plan. We start by clearly establishing what business goals you are trying to accomplish. Then we look at your audience and develop creative concepts tailor-made for them. Finally, we determine the best channels to distribute your video content.

Before shooting a single frame, or casting a single actor, we deliver a detailed roadmap to producing and distributing your video content.

Whether it’s for a single video or a year’s worth of content, the process is the same. We can also audit your existing video library and recommend changes to get better results out of what you’ve already produced.

Step 2: Produce

Here comes the fun part. From script writing to casting, location scouting to shot listing, and filming through the final edit, we organize every aspect of our productions to be as efficient as possible.

Music licensing. Voice over. Location costs. Actors’ fees. We’ve got you covered. Our fixed price contracts cover every element of production within the agreed to scope. And any changes that may arise during the production process are approved by you before any additional costs are incurred.

We have the capabilities to produce animation, motion graphics, live action, or any combination thereof. Check out some of our work below.

Step 3: Analyze

All that work we did in Steps 1 & 2 was all for naught if we don’t track and analyze your videos and assess them against our original goals.

View count. Play rate. Engagement. Heat maps. Social shares. Captured leads. These are just some of the metrics we can track to determine whether what we’ve produced is doing what you need it to. Reporting and analyzing these numbers on a regular basis allows us to optimize your videos and gives us the opportunity to validate what’s engaging your audience.

The more data we collect, the better informed we are and the easier it is to develop the strategy for your next campaign. That’s right, back to Step 1.

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Our Work

Replacements, Ltd.
Method Savvy – Valencell
Bull City Burger and Brewery
Method Savvy – Jerry’s Artarama
Method Savvy – Jerry’s Artarama
Method Savvy – Jerry’s Artarama
Do Durham
Totes My Goat
VIETRI – Old St. Nick
Granville Towers
Here are a few clients we’ve worked with
Research Triangle ParkBronto SoftwareDuke UniversityGoogle605 West ApartmentsDurham.IDVIETRITelit

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Our Story

Just as Bill and Ted formed Wyld Stallyns, or Barnes and Noble founded their bookstore – Ben Oliver and Justin Plant have created Storyboard Media. The goal is simple: corporate video that doesn’t suck.

Ben and Justin’s first collaboration came in early 2012, on a series of corporate training videos for a Chapel Hill company.
Ben Oliver

Creative Director

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Ben Oliver

Justin Plant


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Justin Plant

After repeatedly hiring each other as freelancers on each other’s video projects, they decided in 2013 to officially join forces. Ben and Justin are ardent proponents of the idea of collaboration over competition. In that spirit, they are slowly expanding their team of trusted collaborators, ranging from actors to writers and cinematographers to editors.

We invite you to join our story…and add to it.


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