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Video that helps you...

  • Marketing

    Generate Leads

    You’re in an uphill battle to get the best leads to your sales team. Between short attention spans, your competition, and all that damn pornography, your content needs to engage. And video is the most engaging content of all. We design and execute a video strategy tailored to meet your needs – from company-wide video production roadmaps to event video packages and video activation plans – and then ensure your videos are seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Sales

    Close Deals

    Qualify. Nurture. Close. Every sales funnel is slightly different, but they all have the same goal. Video for sales is used everyday to help the unaware, inspire the interested, and reassure buyers’ intent in a consistent manner. We’ll map your buyer’s journey and produce the right video content that delivers them to the next stage of the process – or enable your sales team to use video in their prospecting. Always be closing. Brass balls. Go get your coffee.

  • Support

    Delight Customers

    Whether you’re on-boarding a new client, answering frequently asked questions, or trying to reduce the time it takes to close a ticket, your support team is responsible for keeping your customers happy. And happy customers lead to upselling, increased retention, and referrals. We can help you use video to help your customers, so you can hit your support goals.

Select Clients

The Story

Ben Oliver
Justin Plant

For years now, we’ve made our living in video production. We built our business by asking the best questions, from which we pitched the best creative concepts. That, and Ben is a huge flirt.

Somewhere along the way we realized that the more we knew our clients and the better we understood how video worked within their overall marketing efforts, the creative we were pitching got better. And our videos got more results.

What gets us the job these days is our process for developing comprehensive video strategies, silo-specific strategic video initiatives, and finding the way for our clients’ videos to have the most impact on their business, rather than just ‘video production’. That is our living now. And Ben is still a flirt.

We know where this industry is going. We’ve seen where it’s been. And we’re changing the way things are done. That’s better for our clients, and it’s better for us. Kinda feels like the definition of a “win-win.”

We invite you to be a part of our story, and to start doing video marketing the Storyboard way.

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Are you ready to join the video reformation to start practicing more effective video for business? Let’s talk. Send us a note below, and Justin will get back to you faster than he can make a pair of jorts. If you prefer to call, that’s cool, too. +1 (919) 960-1222

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