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UDX | Case Studies & Client Stories

Client: UDX

HQ: Durham, NC

URL: www.udx.io/

Company Type: B2B Technology

Project Focus: Marketing

Client Product/Service: Web Development, Automation and DevOps

Case Summary: UDX provides its clients with advanced web development and custom automated solutions to help them “grow faster than the market dictates.” What that means in practice, however, can be challenging to articulate since the critical work they do varies from client to client.

In order to better communicate what the work UDX does behind the scenes translates in the real world, we set out to create video case studies with some of their clients. But we also wanted to leverage the time we spent with those clients to capture their stories, as well. Strategically, this gave us two distinct sets of videos for two distinct audiences: a data-driven case study piece that helped prospects better understand how UDX’s web development, automation, and DevOps services spur growth for their clients (aka, “The Head”); and a piece that tells the stories of the clients themselves to help prospects connect on a deeper, more emotional level (aka, “the Heart”).

We captured three case studies, three complementary client stories, and a sub-one minute promo video for each (6 promos in total) to use on UDX’s social media channels — with an emphasis on LinkedIn.

* * *

UDX Case Study | Disco Donnie Presents



UDX Client Story | Disco Donnie Presents



UDX Case Study | OhFresh! Brands



UDX Client Story | OhFresh! Brands



UDX Case Study | Financial Social Work



UDX Client Story | Financial Social Work



UDX Case Study | DDP Promo



UDX Client Story | DDP Promo



UDX Case Study | OhFresh! Promo



UDX Client Story | OhFresh! Promo


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