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TransPerfect | GlobalLink NEXT: Convince Your Boss


There are three main opportunities for video pertaining to corporate events:

  1. promoting the event (getting butts in seats),
  2. integrating engaging video during the event (keeping butts in seats),
  3. and leveraging your attendees and speakers to create content while at the event (showing off your butts?)

The ‘Convince Your Boss’ series was the first part of our overall promotion campaign for GlobalLink NEXT, the premiere conference for users of GlobalLink, TransPerfect’s flagship translations platform.

The campaign featured entertaining “tips” for convincing your boss to let you attend the GlobalLink NEXT Conference. This campaign included an extended feature video as well as four shorter promo videos, all of which gave viewers the tools they needed to secure time off and travel expenses from their superiors.

Watch The Convince Your Boss Series: