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Rhumbix | Time & Materials Tracking


Client: Rhumbix

HQ: San Francisco, CA

URL: www.rhumbix.com/

Company Type: B2B Technology

Project Focus: Marketing

Client Product/Service: Construction Field Data Platform.

Case Summary: Rhumbix is the leading platform for capturing field data. Rhumbix Time and Materials tracking solution eliminates the need for tracking out-of-scope resources using paper and PDFs, leading to less waste, more efficiency, and a streamlined process for tracking and approving T&M across multiple construction projects.

We created a marketing-focused video that targeted general contractors, sub-contractors, and field workers with the goal of demonstrating the most valuable features of the Rhumbix mobile field app and the desktop dashboard. We worked closely with the client to develop the script and the mixed-media animation style. The right voiceover artist provided the finishing touch to pull the entire piece together.

In the end, we delivered one core video, as well as a shorter promo video (approximately 45 seconds) and a shorter teaser for use on social media. We also provided still and animated thumbnails to use on social media, blog posts, and third-party media.

See the full campaign here: