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Redpoint Global | Rg1 Platform

Client: Redpoint Global

HQ: Boston, MA

URL: www.redpointglobal.com/

Company Type: B2B Technology

Project Focus: Marketing

Client Product/Service: Customer Data Management.

Case Summary: Redpoint Global’s software platform, rgOne, empowers companies to transform their customer experiences and drive higher revenue. rgOne provides a unified, single point of control where customer data is connected and customer touchpoints are orchestrated. This leads to more engaging customer experiences and, ultimately, measurable ROI.

The complexity of rgOne warranted some video content to help prospects ‘peek under the hood’ of the technology and better understand how the solution works — and how it differs from similar solutions in the customer data management field. We began by creating marketing-focused animated explainer videos for two of the variables that contribute to rgOne’s effectiveness: ID Resolution and Data Quality. Because Redpoint Global has such a strong brand identity, it was critical to develop a unique animation style that reflected the brand while keeping the visuals minimalistic and easy to understand.

We delivered two core videos, ID Resolution and Data Quality, as well as teasers, animated thumbnails, and still thumbnails for each video. This helped us establish a visual approach that we expect to apply to new videos, as this is an ongoing project.

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Redpoint Global | ID Resolution



Redpoint Global | Data Quality


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