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VMU | What’s Your Favorite Type Of Video To Make For Your Clients?



Episode 28

On this episode of Video Marketing Unscripted, Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC wants to know: What’s your favorite type of video to make for your clients and why?

Ben is intrigued by the question and is disappointed in his uncreative answer. Once revealing his answer, Ben breaks down how the evolution of Storyboard Media led him to his answer, and why that satisfies him. Ben then offers a sexier answer to Jeff’s question.


00:01 Ben: So If you’ve got a video marketing question that you want me answer disappointingly…


00:10 Ben: Hi, I’m Ben. Welcome to Video Marketing Unscripted where I answer your video marketing questions completely unprompted. Danger zone. You know what’s dangerous? Your obsession with me. Anthony, what’s our question today?

00:26 Anthony: Well Ben, today’s question is from Jeff in Chapel Hill, and he would like to know, what’s your favorite type of video to make for your clients and why?

00:35 Ben: Interesting question. God, I have such an uncreative answer to this. This is so disappointing. But I’m gonna be honest and then maybe I’ll think of something that just sounds like a better answer. But my honest answer is the way that our company has evolved, my favorite kind of video to make for our clients is, wait for it, one that actually gets the results we were hoping it would. And I know that’s going to sound so disappointing to people. [chuckle]

01:06 Ben: Now, when we first started, we knew we just wanted to make videos, and we figured we kind of wanted to get paid for them too. So it made more sense to make corporate videos and then have corporate clients that actually have money and can pay us to do our work. But as we’ve evolved as a company, making great videos without any purpose just kinda leaves an empty feeling at the end. You check on something six months after you’ve given to a client that’s got 103 views and you’re like, “Meh,” right?

01:33 Ben: So unfortunately, my honest answer is, yes, we’ve determined what we want this video to do. We look at it and if it’s done that, then it was great. It could be something that we started ourselves. It could be something that we did really scrappy, which is kinda code word for cheap and very budget conscious. We could do something with huge tremendous production value and tons of actors and locations and whatever. But as long as it did what we wanted it to do and was successful for the client, that’s what satisfies me these days. The sexier answer is probably the really awesome, expensive, lots of actors, lots of locations, fancy looking stuff. I don’t know, there’s something about creating a space that just looks like… I don’t know, it looks delicious, kind of. I have a lot of fun creating those and editing those, and then kind of fine tuning those so that they look beautiful and fantastical and whatever. So not uber realistic. But yeah, I don’t know. I think that’s all I actually have for that.

02:48 Ben: So sexy answer is the big sexy project with lots of locations and lots of actors and pretty stuff. But the real answer is honestly videos that do what we wanted them to do in the first place and actually accomplish things for our clients. So Jeff, I hope that answers your question. If you’ve got a video marketing question that you’d like me to answer, put it in the comments below or fill out the form on our site. You’re welcome.


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