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VMU | What Are Your Favorite Video Platforms & Tools?



Episode 29

On this episode, Caitlin in Knightdale, NC asks about his favorite video technologies, platforms, and tools.

Ben lists three examples of technologies that have interested him lately, including his hopes for the future of 360 video, a new plugin to help you edit to the beat of a song, and what video hosting platforms are doing to help marketers and sales departments reach out to people.

Follow the links below to learn more about some of the platforms and tools mentioned in this episode:


Wistia Soapbox

Vidyard GoVideo

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00:00 Ben: Let me tell you what I get excited about. Technological things.


00:11 Ben: Hi, I’m Ben, welcome to Video Marketing Unscripted, where I answer your video marketing questions completely unprompted. There’s always money in the banana stand. Anthony, what’s our question today?

00:21 Anthony: Well, Ben, today’s question is from Caitlin in Knightdale, and she’d like to know, what are some of your favorite video technologies, platforms, and tools, and why?

00:32 Ben: I don’t know. Technology sucks. Let’s see. Okay, that’s one. You’re getting all this, right? So I think there’s a whole wide range of technological advances that are happening right now, it’s such an exciting time to live, that really give video people as well as marketers, sales people, whomever, an opportunity to do things that have been either a lot harder to do in the past or things that just haven’t been possible. From a kind of technical video standpoint, I’m angered and frustrated and fascinated by the opportunities that exist with 360 video. We just completed our first 360 video, and boy, did we learn a lot.

01:23 Ben: One of the things I’m most excited about as kind of a takeaway from that whole project is the prospect of maybe actually using a 360 degree video rig but actually produce just like 180 degree video. Take away some of the limitations of 360 video, but still give people kind of an immersive experience. So, at 360 and VR, and even AR, tons of opportunity there that I think it’s just in its infancy and we’re just starting to figure out how to use it properly.

01:55 Ben: Another thing that, Anthony, you actually showed me just a couple of days ago… I started as an editor in this business, and before I was in video, I was a musician, a drummer. And so one of the things that I first latched on to learning how to be an editor is how to edit to music, and there’s now this plug-in that Anthony showed me that will actually go through a track of music and put markers on the timeline where the beats are, which, for an editor, you’ll get how that could be totally cool. I don’t remember what the name of it is, but Anthony will probably put it right here so that you can check that thing out. If it works well, what an amazing tool, and it just would take so much time out of editing.

02:34 Ben: The things that platforms are doing, video hosting platforms are doing, in terms of being able to actually get to people, but also get information back from individuals. There’s a very personalized, individualized focus on a lot of the video hosting stuff that’s going on right now. So, like Vidyard has a platform called GoVideo, Wistia’s got something similar called Soapbox, where you can actually just, with your webcam, create a custom short message to someone, almost like a video voicemail. It integrates right into your email and you can send them a video that’s made just for them. We’ve actually showed it on an episode of Press Play, where Justin recommended a download of an ebook for me on being bald and beautiful, which I thanked him for.

03:21 Ben: So that’s a video that you create for one person. You send it to that person, integrated with your email, marketing automation, whatever, and then you get information back about that one person’s viewing habit. If you’re trying to sell something to someone or manage a relationship and you may not be getting any active feedback from them in terms of replies, calls back, whatever, you can still see that they may have a level of interest because they’re watching your videos, visiting your site, clicking through on certain things. And to be able to do that with video is just so much more engaging now, and that’s a great example of how technology is really catching up with the things that we want to do.

03:55 Ben: I’m sure there’s a whole lot out there that I didn’t get to. I’d love for you to put ’em in the comments and show me what I left out. Caitlin, I hope that answers your question. If you’ve got a video marketing question you’d like me to answer, put it in the comments below, or fill out the form on our site. You’re welcome.