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VMU | How Do You Decide When To Use Scripted Content Vs. Unscripted Content?


Episode 19

Lindsay in Clayton, NC would like to know: How do you decide when to use scripted video content vs. unscripted video content? In his answer, Ben describes unscripted content as being lower in the funnel, uses testimonial videos as an example and offers suggestions on how to get the best out of your unscripted content. Conversely, scripted content is best used at the top of the funnel when you have something specific you want to say. Additionally, Ben offers suggestions as to how you can use both at the same time!

At Storyboard Media, we can create a detailed video strategy that helps you determine where to use scripted video content and where to use unscripted video content. To make the most of your video marketing budget, contact us today.