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VMU | Does The Video Quality Of My Content Really Matter To My Audience?



Episode 9

Friend of the show, Richard, in Durham wants to know: Does the video quality of my content really matter to my audience? In his answer, Ben talks about how the video quality of your content ultimately depends on where the video would live within the sales funnel. He also offers some general production principles that should be followed regardless of the video’s funnel location.

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00:00 Ben: Come on, people. Trying to date here. It’s the only reason I do this. This is my Tinder.


00:12 Ben: Hi, I’m Ben. Welcome to Video Marketing Unscripted, where I answer your video marketing questions completely unprompted, mainly just ’cause we’re too lazy to script this stuff out. Anthony, what’s our question today?

00:23 Anthony: Well, Ben, today’s question is from friend of the show, Richard in Durham. And Richard would like to know, does the quality of the video content really matter to my audience?

00:33 Ben: Richard, this is a fantastic question. I do hope to meet you some day. Thanks for submitting so many questions to us. I don’t think quality actually matters all that much. It really depends on where in the funnel your content is going. I tend to think of it as, the higher in the funnel, the more brand awareness pieces, the higher the quality needs to be. But the lower you get down in that funnel, the more scrappy your content can be. So it could be something that, let’s say, an in-house team works on some of your lower funnel content, and then maybe you bring in an outside video marketing agency, or video production company, to do some of that top level stuff, whether it’s gonna be a pre-roll ad, a Hulu commercial, or just kind of that brand flagship piece. You could even go so far as to do repeatable videos, like FAQs and follow-up videos, and especially sales enablement videos that you can actually film on your webcam. Those are all those kind of lower funnel pieces where it’s more about a one-to-one connection, kind of the smaller the audience, the less high quality it needs to be.

01:44 Ben: Now, that being said, there are some general principles technically that you should adhere to. Decent framing, decent composition is gonna be nice. It’s always gonna be nice if you can light something well. And never underestimate the value of quality audio. Audio is just as important, if not more important, than the quality of the video. Someone can watch something that doesn’t look great, but if it sounds terrible, they’re gonna turn it off. So again, I think there are a lot of options for people to maybe create some of their own content, be it in-house or by themselves, in that lower funnel content. And then in that top of funnel content, that’s where you want that more polish and more quality. Richard, I hope that answers your question. If you’ve got a video marketing question you want me to answer, submit it in the comments or fill out the form on our site. You’re welcome.