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TVR Newsletter | 9/3/2021


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1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 59: Everything Freelancers
2. 3 Reasons to Use Video for Internal Communications
3. Video Emails Offer Relief as Inbox Fatigue Rises
4. It’s Time to Bring Creative New Thinking to B2B Marketing
5. Video Calls to Action: What They Are and How to Use Them


Fun Fact: The Slovenian word for @ is “zavinac,” which translates to “pickled fish roll.”


TVR Podcast, Ep. 59
Everything Freelancers

This week’s podcast is a conversation between Ben and Storyboard Media’s producer, project manager, and freelancer wrangler Jaclyn Batts. In it, they’ll help clarify some common questions all businesses face when they use freelancers:

  • When should you use a freelancer instead of an in-house employee?
  • Where can you find freelancers?
  • Why does the IRS require any freelancer you hire to legally change their name to Lance?

Watch now by clicking the image above, or listen now by clicking the button below.

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3 Reasons to Use Video for Internal Communications

As work becomes more remote, there is a desperate need for a communication tool that brings people together. Something that strips the passive-aggressiveness out of written text and provides an efficient, engaging way to answer repeated questions or update the team.

That tool is video. Luckily, to use video effectively for internal communications, you don’t need the production values of a YouTube influencer whose also the scion of oxygen magnates. All you need is a webcam, some creativity, and to read our blog post about how video can help your company’s internal communications.


Video Emails Offer Relief as Inbox Fatigue Continues to Rise  [Vidyard]

Speaking of video as an effective communication tool, Vidyard recently commissioned a study that found that video email recipients were more likely to feel positive emotions — like happiness — than those who received text-only emails

That’s not all. Those who got the video emails were more likely than those sad, text-only email receivers to remember the message of the email as well as take action.

For more on the science behind why video emails can benefit your company’s internal and external communications, check out the results from Vidyard’s study.


It’s Time to Bring Creative New Thinking to B2B Marketing [AdAge]

Any B2B company will tell you that their marketing differs greatly from that of B2C companies. B2B companies, for instance, have to deal with purchasing committees, multiple stakeholders, and a need to develop a relationship that’s deeper than a single transaction.

Yet, the principles of B2C marketing shouldn’t be entirely dismissed by B2B marketers. There are lessons to be learned, especially when it comes to strategy and creativity. And that may mean it’s A-OK for B2B to take from B2C.

If you’re wondering how to think more creatively about your B2B marketing, head over to AdAge


Video Calls to Action: What They Are and How to Use Them [Vidyard]

Video is engaging but if you’re not using calls-to-action the right way, you may find your videos lack engagement.

If you’re not sure how to use CTAs effectively, or if you just realized right now that CTA doesn’t stand for Chicago Transit Authority, it may be time to take a step back and re-think how you’re using video to drive engagement.

To better understand how video calls-to-action work and how to incorporate them into your videos, then this blog post from Vidyard is for you.

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