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TVR Newsletter | 8/6/2021


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1. The Benefits of Educational Video Content
2. The Top 3 Buyer Persona Myths
3. How to Create a B2B Buyer Persona
4. How Marketers Can Create Better Sales Content
5. 3 Ways a Video Strategy Empowers Your Sales Team


Fun Fact: A 2013 study estimates the average child asks 300 questions a day. 

Freelance Video Distribution Specialist

Storyboard Media is looking for a Freelance Video Distribution & Promotion Specialist to manage the planning and implementation of distribution and promotion of video content for our growing roster of B2B clients. In this role, you will be our go-to expert for developing and executing the distribution strategy for video across the optimal channels for our clients.

For more info or to apply, click here.


The Benefits of Educational Video Content

When the phrase “educational video content” first strikes your ear, you may experience an immediate flashback to those hormone-filled days in science class as a film reel about photosynthesis scratchily dances on the projection screen.

Luckily, that is not what educational video content means in the context of B2B marketing. In this context, this type of informative video content is an investment in your customer’s success, which, in turn, is your success.

For more on what educational video content is, why it can benefit your company, and how to best deploy it, check out this week’s entry on The Video Reformation blog.


The Top 3 Buyer Persona Myths and How They Hurt Your Marketing Efforts [HubSpot]

To market something well, you need to understand the groups of customers you’re expecting to hear your message. However, this can lead to your marketing team engaging in silly practices like creating cardboard cutouts of example buyer personas with cutesy names. (IT Professional Ingrid, anyone?)

If you’re feeling the dead stare of your cardboard cutout as you read this, head over to HubSpot’s list of common buyer persona myths and ways you can rectify them in your own marketing efforts.


How to Create a B2B Buyer Persona [Webbiquity]

So, now you’ve read about the buyer persona myths and know that you may not be setting your marketing campaigns up for success. Knowing the wrong things, though, isn’t always quite the same thing as doing the right thing.

That’s why you still need to understand the essential components that make up an effective buyer persona. Luckily, Webbiquity is here with their rundown of the six key dimensions that should be included in all B2B buyer personas.


How Marketers Can Create Better Sales Content [MarketingProfs]

The end goal of all marketing is to create sales. However, what should you do if the content your marketing team produces isn’t helping your sales team?

No, the answer isn’t taking them to an escape room to work on team-building. After all, the best way to defeat any escape room is to never enter one in the first place.

Instead, try implementing some of the key points laid out in this MarketingProfs article about how to help your marketing team create better sales content.


3 Ways a Video Strategy Empowers Your Sales Team to Win More Business [Vidyard]

If your marketing team is producing excellent content but you’re still finding little buy-in from your sales team, it’s time to get drastic. That’s right, you may need to read another article or — gasp! — a blog post.

Take this Vidyard piece, for example. It convincingly lays out how your company’s video strategy empowers your sales team to create more sales and win even more business. 

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