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TVR Newsletter | 8/20/2021


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1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 58: Hard Truths About Video
2. What Video Vendors Need From Their Clients
3. The Ultimate B2B Video Marketing Guide for 2021
4. Why Sales and Marketing Need to Work Together
5. What the Most Effective Video Campaigns Reveal About the Future of Creative


Fun Fact: Less than 15 percent of all laughter is caused by someone making a joke.


TVR Podcast, Ep. 58
Hard Truths About Video

Some facts about video marketing are harder to hear than others: Video content can be expensive to create. Video won’t fix your company’s marketing woes with a proverbial snap of the fingers. Some videos are cursed by vengeful ghosts who wreak terror by implanting images of their earth-bound torture onto VHS tapes and disfiguring the bodies of anyone who watches them.

For an in-depth discussion on these and other hard-hitting truths about video, make sure to listen to this week’s episode of The Video Reformation Podcast.

Watch now by clicking the image above, or click the ‘listen now’ button below for the audio verson.

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What Video Vendors Need From Their Clients

As with all relationships, those of the client-vendor variety need contributions from both parties in order to be successful. On the clients’ end, they should be prepared to offer clear communication, transparent approval processes, and a purpose for their videos. If they can’t, it shouldn’t come as a shock when their vendors update their relationship status on LinkedIn.

If you’re not sure if you’re being a good client, check out our recent blog post on what video vendors need from their clients to be effective.


The Ultimate B2B Video Marketing Guide  [Entrepreneur]

Whether you’re new to B2B video marketing or already experienced in the practice, you may have some questions as to how the landscape looks in mid-2021:

  • What social media sites and hosting platforms should be used for video content?
  • What are some examples of successful B2B video marketing campaigns?
  • Why isn’t there some sort of ultimate guide for B2B video marketing in 2021 that answers these questions for me?

If you’re looking to unlock the door of knowledge, that last question will be your key. Entrepreneur’s guide to B2B video marketing in 2021 is fresh off the content marketing platform presses with timely answers to all of the above.


Can’t We All Just Get Along? Why Sales and Marketing Need to Work Together [MarketingProfs]

Teamwork makes the dream work — at least that’s what my Little League coach said after his lawyers got his hit-and-run charge dismissed.

Your sales and marketing teams may also need a reminder of the benefits that stem from working together. Instead of a your-turn-my-turn-leave-me-alone approach, teaming up throughout the entire sale funnel does a better job of capturing leads and converting them into sales. 

Not convinced? Head over to MarketingProfs where they dive deep with examples and metrics to show why your marketing and sales teams need to get along.


What the World’s Most Effective Video Campaigns Reveal About the Future of Creative [Think with Google]

Unless your company operates in the Bizzaro World where profits are bad and start-ups are called end-downs, there are lessons to be gleaned from YouTube Works award-winning campaigns. Involving your customers and using your audience insights to personalize your video campaigns, for instance, can be key ingredients in your company’s continued growth.

Think with Google has more on what the effective campaigns of today reveal about the future of video marketing.

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