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TVR Newsletter | 7/9/2021


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1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 56: How a Video Strategy Saves Money
2. How to Hire a Video Producer
3. Why People Visit YouTube and How to Engage Them
4. YouTube Culture and Trends Global Report
5. What the YouTube Culture and Trends Report Reveals


Fun Fact: According to physicist Russell Seitz, the internet weighs about as much as a strawberry.

Freelance Video Strategists

Storyboard Media is looking for Freelance Video Strategists to manage the strategy and planning of video content for our growing roster of B2B clients. In this role, you will lead our strategic engagements (partnered with a creative lead), run our stakeholder conversations, and help create a video roadmap based on our clients’ goals, audiences, channels, key messages, and more.

The ideal candidate has a breadth of client-facing digital marketing experience with specific focuses in the following areas: video production, marketing strategy, audience/competitive research, and delivering presentations.

For more info and to apply, click here.


TVR Podcast, Ep. 56
How Can a Video Strategy Save You Money?

A successful video strategy doesn’t just give the creatives at your office something to work on when they’re not talking about which season of Le Bureau is the best. (Spoiler alert: The second season, clearly, est la season superior.)  A successful strategy will also save your company money and help drive your bottom line to all new heights.

To find out how, watch our latest podcast episode by clicking the play button above, or listen now by clicking the ‘listen now’ button below.

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How to Hire a Video Producer

A producer supervises the entire video production and ultimately serves as the person responsible for the video’s success. They’ll make sure the production stays on budget, meets deadlines, and ends the day with an appropriate amount of cast and crew deaths –– typically less than 1. 

That means if you want your video to be successful, one of your first steps should be to hire a producer. Find out what a producer will do for your production and how to hire someone to fill the role by reading this week’s blog post.


Why People Visit YouTube and How to Engage Them  [HubSpot]

People visit YouTube for a variety of reasons. Some people want to be entertained. Others prefer to learn a new skill or about a new hobby. Most visitors, though, head to the popular video-sharing site to stifle the cry of loneliness that echoes from deep within their dried, damaged hearts.

While that last reason may not be reflected in the data, the survey discussed in this HubSpot post can help your company understand why your customers visit YouTube –– and how you can use those reasons to build a video strategy that captures their attention.


YouTube Culture & Trends Global Report [YouTube]

While it may be hard for a layperson to draw the connection between a Lil Nas X music video, a live stream of a Korean wedding, and a man dancing bhangra in the Candian wilderness, YouTube’s Culture & Trends team uses each video to demonstrate the increasing importance of video in our lives. And it’s the videos that offer immersion, immediacy, and informality that are racking up the most views around the world.

For more on how video content is evolving on the platform, watch the YouTube Culture & Trends Global Video Report. 


What the YouTube Culture and Trends Report Reveals About the Future of Video [Think With Google]

If you watched the YouTube Culture & Trends Report and can’t wait a single second to dive deeper into the data and what it means for the future of video, today is your lucky day.

So, take the time to read Think with Google’s key takeaways from the report and how certain trends may stand the test of time. Then, take advantage of your luck to play the lottery, bet it all on red, and finally get that lump on your back checked out. Bring your GoPro with you, because even if your luck runs out, that sounds like a pretty good live stream.

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