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TVR Newsletter | 6/25/2021


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1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 55: How to Replace a BDR with Video
2. B2C vs. B2B Video Marketing: What’s the Difference?
3. Trends & Tips to Get Started on TikTok Videos for Brands
4. 4 Pitfalls That Can Kill Your Content Marketing
5. How to Convince Reluctant Sales People to Use Video


Fun Fact: Volkswagen produces its own line of currywurst, and, in 2019, the car company sold more individual sausages than it did automobiles.


TVR Podcast, Ep. 55
How to Replace a BDR with Video

Like Mr. Freeze with the Legion of Doom, your Business Development Representative acts as your sales team’s cold outreach specialist. And while that’s an ice role to have on staff, you may be better served supplementing or even replacing the position with video. To find out why you may benefit and how to best implement the switch, check out this week’s chilled-to-perfection TVR podcast with Ben and Justin.

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B2C vs. B2B Video Marketing: What’s the Difference?

The way you pitch yourself to a future employer is probably going to look different than the way you pitch yourself to a friend with a car and enough free time to drive you to the airport. If it’s not, at least remove your Lyft passenger rating from your resume.

So, your business should market itself differently depending on whether it sells to consumers or other businesses. As our most recent blog entry details, understanding the difference between B2C and B2B video marketing ensures your content strategy matches your intended audience.


Trends & Tips to Get Started on TikTok Videos  [Shakr Blog]

TikTok continues to grow among brands and Gen Zers. To succeed on the platform, you’ll need to embrace a certain kind of authentic, non-sus content that’s hard to distill just from Googling “how to tell if a gen zer made fun of you.”

Anyway, give your knowledge a glow-up by learning essential TikTok trends and tips for brands.


4 Pitfalls That Can Kill Your Content Marketing [Content Marketing Institute]

Sometimes success isn’t a matter of good performance but avoiding failures. Take the common sibling rivalry between my older brother and myself, for example.

He’s a published author with many literary awards; I have no awards. Yet of all the times we’ve gone rock climbing together, he’s the only one that ever lost a limb. Looks like he and I are equally successful. 

Video marketing is the same way. Steering clear of mistakes can serve as an effective path to success. To help light your way, read CMI’s list of common content marketing pitfalls and how to avoid them.


How to Convince Reluctant Sales People to Use Video [Vidyard]

Video marketing doesn’t do anyone any good if the videos aren’t being used by the sales team. If your salespeople are avoiding video like it’s the Noid, it may be time to sell the sellers on the benefits of video.

To create video converts on your staff, check out Vidyard’s suggested ways to convince your salespeople to use video.

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