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TVR Newsletter | 5/14/2021


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1.The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 52: Vidyard’s 2021 Video in Business Benchmarks
2. 4 Tips for Video Pre-Production Success
3. What Is Attribution Modeling and Why It’s So Important
4. Sales Prospecting with Video
5. On Instagram, Video vs. IGTV Posts: Which Perform Better? 

Fun Fact: The word gas was derived from the Greek word for chaos. 

Freelance Video Copywriters

Storyboard Media is seeking Freelance Video Copywriters with unique voices who can write video scripts for our B2B clients based on assigned strategic concepts and creative treatments. We are looking for a copywriter who is capable of bringing a fresh approach to our video script writing.

You should have experience in writing narrative voice-over, on-camera dialogue, action description, on-brand copy, etc. Assignments may include one-off video projects; campaigns requiring multiple, inter-related scripts; creating storylines from existing transcripts; and more.

For more info and to apply, click here.

Freelance Video Editors

Storyboard Media is looking to add several freelance video editors to our roster. We are looking for editors who are capable of bringing a fresh, creative approach to editing.

You should have experience editing scripted business video content; unscripted or doc-style editing experience is a plus, but scripted content is our bread and butter. Creatively speaking, pace, timing, and rhythm are of the utmost importance. Technically speaking, Premiere Pro proficiency, data organization, basic audio post-production, and basic color correction skills are required. 

For more info and to apply, click here.


TVR Podcast, Ep. 52
Vidyard’s 2021 Video in Business Benchmarks

We all know that video is a big deal. But we’ve got to understand the bits and pieces that make it popular in order to know how to use it effectively for business. 

Vidyard did the dirty work of researching how people are using video this year. We break down their 2021 Video in Business Benchmark report to call out key stats that should guide your strategy.

Watch now by clicking the play button above, or listen now by clicking the ‘listen now’ button below.

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4 Tips for Video Pre-Production Success

People often dismiss words that begin with “pre.” Sports fans rarely tune in to preseason games. Almost everyone has ignored a safety precaution or two in their life. Due to his early high school track times, no one expected Steve Prefontaine to set so many long-distance running records.

But those who dismiss video pre-production do so at their own pre-peril, as this process ultimately shapes your production’s cost, efficiency, and scope. To make sure you’re using your video pre-production time effectively, make sure to follow these four tips.


What Is Attribution Modeling and Why It’s So Important [HubSpot]

We’re all doing our best, aren’t we? As marketers, we put out campaigns, social media, ads, blogs, etc. all to get noticed. But how can you tell what’s working? 

HubSpot breaks down attribution modeling: a technique that gives credit to the marketing channels and touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey that made a lead convert. Once you master this, you can finally solve the mystery of what is working and what isn’t. 


Sales Prospecting with Video [Vidyard]

I don’t know if we’ve ever mentioned this before, but you can actually use video for sales. I know, crazy, right? Thankfully, Vidyard has you covered. 

Not only do they break down the benefits to convince you to use video in sales, but they give you 10 templates to get started. Whether it’s a cold outreach, reconnecting with someone, or trying to close a deal, video can help make it happen. 


On Instagram, Video vs. IGTV Posts: Which Perform Better? [Marketing Profs]

The age-old question that has vexed philosophers for millennia: when it comes to Instagram, does traditional video outperform IGTV?

Social Insider and Marketing Profs break statistics about Instagram’s traditional video compared to IGTV through a compelling infographic. Wait, where do infographics compare to IGTV? Let us gather on the slope of the Acropolis to discuss.

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