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TVR Newsletter | 3/19/2021


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1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 48: Working Well with Others with Mack Garrison
2. Hiring a Video Content Editor
3. How to Evaluate an Online Video Platform
4. B2B Content Isn’t Boring Unless Your Writing Is
5. YouTube Ads Leaderboard: 2020 Bumper Ads Edition   

Fun Fact: Entomologist George Hudson first proposed Daylight Savings to make bug collecting easier.

Motion Graphics Animator/ Video Editor

We’re adding a full-time Motion Graphics Animator/Video Editor to our small, growing in-house team based in Downtown Durham. You should have a good grasp of platforms, 2-5 years of experience, and be able to find creative ways to solve client’s problems and new situations on the fly. A dog-friendly office? Unlimited vacation time? A random drawer filled with ketchup packets and Stevia? What a dream job. 


TVR Podcast, Ep. 48
Working Well with Others with Mack Garrison

We like to think we deserve an “A” in the “plays well with others” category. Case in point: Ben and Justin teamed up with Mack Garrison of Dash Studios to speak on the power of collaboration in this week’s episode of The Video Reformation Podcast.

Watch now by clicking the play button above, or listen now by clicking the “listen now” button below. 

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How to Hire A Video Content Editor

Does your video editor know how to dance? They probably should.

From choosing between freelancers and full-timers to recognizing the importance of rhythm, we’ve put together these guidelines to help you hire the right editor for your next video project.


How to Evaluate an Online Video Platform [Vidyard]

You probably already know that there are a lot more video platforms out there besides YouTube, and each platform has its pros and cons, its pluses and minuses, its Snickers bars and Necco wafers.

Vidyard compiled the top requirements to consider when evaluating an online video platform, plus a free downloadable template to help you through the process of writing a requirements document.


B2B Content Isn’t Boring Unless Your Writing Is [HubSpot]

Believe it or not, B2B does not stand for “Bad 2 Boring.” If you do it right, B2B content can be just as entertaining as consumer-focused content. It all rides on the copy. Content Marketing Institutes gives us some helpful tips to keep our fellow businessmen entertained. 


YouTube Ads Leaderboard: 2020 Bumper Ads Edition  [YouTube]

Have you ever seen a YouTube ad that you didn’t immediately skip? Yes, they’re out there. The YouTube Ad Leaderboard showcases the most-watched Bumper ads of 2020. We don’t (necessarily) endorse the products, but these ads are actually worth the watch. It’s like the Super Bowl of YouTube.

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