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TVR Newsletter | 2/19/2021


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1. The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 46: Fill Your Funnel
2. Reclaiming the Art of Storytelling in B2B Video Marketing
3. How to Upgrade Your Home Video Studio
4. 20 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube
5. 5 Ways to Become a Successful B2B Seller in 2021  


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TVR Podcast, Ep. 46
Fill Your Funnel: What, Why, and How Videos

Whether you consider yourself a funnel marketer, a flywheel marketer, or the far less popular foghorn marketer, you’ll find value in integrating video throughout the customer journey.

In this episode, Ben and Justin talk about what motivates people to buy and how your company can create video content to align with wherever they’re at in the buying process. Turn the “whats,” “whys” and “hows” of your business into educational and entertaining content with some major marketing power. 

Watch now by clicking the play button above, or listen now by clicking the ‘listen now’ button below.

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Reclaiming the Art of Storytelling in B2B Video Marketing

Using “storytelling” as a cliché marketing buzzword is one thing. Using it effectively to educate and share company values while connecting with customers is another.

In our latest blog post, we de-stigmatize storytelling and explain how to apply its principles to improve your B2B video marketing approach.


How To Upgrade Your Home Video Studio  [Sprout Video]

G’head and order an extra pair of sweatpants and another case of Vienna sausages. Quarantining or not, remote video production seems to be here for the long run. 

If you’ve got a home video studio you’re thinking about upgrading, Sprout Video helps you break down what gear you’ll need while comparing high and low price point options. With a few different “how-to” videos included, you could be the next Spielberg from the comfort of your couch.


20 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube  [HubSpot]

Clicks are currency. And while we would never say that views are everything, as long as they’re coming from the right audience, it’s all gravy, baby.

With YouTube being the second most visited website in the world, how can your company’s channel cut through the clutter and get the views it deserves? HubSpot has some ideas for how to rack up that view ticker. 


5 Ways to Become a Successful B2B Seller in 2021 [B2B Marketing]

New ways of working and unpredictable times dropped many business’ selling power in 2020. In 2021, companies are scrutinizing their spending more intensely than ever before, making sure that whatever they do buy is both fit for purpose and the best possible value.

This year, sellers need to put away the ketchup popsicles and use these 5 tips to develop and execute plans that show serious ROI.

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