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TVR Newsletter | 12/10/2021


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1. 4 Tips to Scale B2B Video Content Creation
2. Take Your Video Campaign to the Next Level
3. 7 Things Content Marketers Say About Video
4. 5 Charts Showing How Marketers Are Handling the Rising Demand for Content Marketing 

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4 Tips to Scale B2B Video Content Creation

Video is an investment, but it’s not a Vanguard mutual fund. You can’t just dump money in it and expect the returns to keep coming until it’s time to retire to that old pasture in the sky. (This is assuming that, in the future, retirees will live on some floating superstructure in the upper atmosphere to optimize vitamin D exposure.)

Maximizing your investment in video content creation is all about sustainable growth. To do that, you need to think strategically, take advantage of economies of scale, and regularly audit your content library.

For more details on how to scale B2B video content creation for your company, check out this week’s post on The Video Reformation blog.


Take Your Video Campaign to the Next Level [Entrepreneur]

Whether you’re launching a video campaign or playing a game of old-fashioned Mario, the goal is always to take things to the next level. While the latter is easily accomplished through perseverance and a borrowed Game Genie, the closest thing to a shortcut to video success may come from a recent article on Entrepreneur.com.

In it, the author offers five key principles in creating an impactful video campaign. Each rule helps to highlight the author’s ultimate point: producing educational videos and choosing the right distribution channels is often the quickest way to video marketing success.

To find your marketing team’s cheat codes and reach the next level of video campaigns, head here.


7 Things Content Marketers Told Us About Video  [Content Marketing Institute]

The standout statistic from a recent CMI survey of marketers can be found at the very top of their summary: 83% of marketers state that video has become more important over the past two years. (The other 17% probably misread the question.)

Yet, it’s not enough to simply crank out video content and pray for clicks. Marketers know that video is a tool to connect to your audience and dismissing that tool can put you well behind the pack in the attention economy.

You can visit CMI’s website for more insights from their survey of marketers.


How Marketers Are Handling the Rising Demand for Content Marketing, in 5 Charts
 [The Content Strategist]

The story of the rising demand for content can be told in five charts from The Content Strategist. A verifiable picture book for marketing professionals, these charts help highlight the current gaps between customer expectations and what’s currently produced by marketing teams throughout the country.

From a lack of personalized content to content that sits unused by stakeholders, there is room for video’s impact to grow. Unfortunately, per the survey, that impact often goes unmeasured as only around a quarter of marketers attempt to calculate the ROI of their content.

To see a visual representation of how marketers are trying to fill gaps while feeding the increasing appetite of their customers for content, take a look at the charts from The Content Strategist.

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