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TVR Newsletter | 10/29/2021


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1. We Moved!
2. Why Audio Is So Important to Your Video
3. The What, Why, and How of Video’s Next Revolution in Content Marketing
4. How to Use Video to Provide a Better Customer Experience
5. 2021 YouTube Ad Specs


Fun Fact: For his first Presidential visit to the United Kingdom, Barack Obama gifted Prime Minister David Cameron 25 DVDs.


We Moved!

Before we launch into the latest in B2B video content from our blog and around the web, we have a thrice-spoiled announcement to make: we moved!

Starting today, please send all office-warming gifts, well-wishes, and gracious praise to our new office at:

Storyboard Media
3710 University Drive
Suite 240
Durham, NC 27707

Gags, goofs, and complaints can continue to be sent to our old address.


Why Audio Is So Important to Your Video

Whether you’re looking to impart emotion, convey meaning, or have your talking heads heard, your video needs audio. Even silent movies use sound effectively, and if you ignore the importance of what your audience hears as your video plays, you’re asking them to ignore what you have to say.

And the fun thing about audio is it can be anything: music, sound effects, on-screen talent talking. Each of these things can capture your audience’s attention and make sure they aren’t missing the message by fiddling with their speakers.

For more on why audio is so important to your video, check out this week’s post on The Video Reformation blog.


The What, Why, and How of Video’s Next Revolution in Content Marketing [Content Marketing Institute]

Customers may understand that they’re one of many crayons in the crayon box, but they want to feel like they’re the special one. They want to feel like they’re Jungle Green, not Manatee Gray.

According to Content Marketing Institute, that’s why the future of content marketing is personalization. Personalized videos can deepen relationships and give your brand a warmth that others lack. And with so much data available these days, it’s easier than ever to craft videos unique to each crayon, er, customer.

To see how personalization can revolutionize your content marketing, head over to CMI.


How to Use Video to Provide a Better Customer Experience [Marketing Profs]

Your customers want things to be easy. They don’t want to read a long treatise of a user manual or spend hours talking to customer support to figure out how to fix something. They’d much rather watch a 3-minute YouTube video with fun music, an engaging host, and maybe a couple of spiffy graphics.

A recent article at MarketingProfs dives deeper into how video can provide a better customer experience and why companies embracing this tactic are transforming potential frustration into positive results.


2021 YouTube Ad Specs [HubSpot]

Speaking of YouTube, if you want to market on the video-sharing platform to be effective, you need to know about their ad specifications. Otherwise, you may find your ad rejected or less likely to be engaged with. Even worse, the aspect ratio geeks at your office may start to make fun of you behind your back.

Luckily, HubSpot has all the details about how to make sure your video works as a pre-roll, mid-roll, in-stream, or vertical ad. Even if you’ve been uploading videos for a while, you should double-check that they still meet YouTube’s recommendations.

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