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Storyboard Media Newsletter | 12/13/2019


Happy Friday

Here are a few things to distract you from our strange, cruel world

1. The Video Reformation, Ep 16: How to Build an In-House Video Team
2. Free Download: Our Guide to Event Video
3. Aviation Gin Creates a Sequel to the ‘Peloton Woman’ Ad
4. 2019 Insights to Take You Into 2020
5. An Introduction to Google Ads Video Ad Sequencing

Fun Fact: In Japan, the customary Christmas Eve dinner is a bucket of KFC.




The Video Reformation Podcast, Episode 16
How to Build an In-House Video Team

As video becomes an increasingly important tool for business, companies are building in-house video teams in an effort to create content more consistently, efficiently, and affordably. In fact, a lot of people forget that Storyboard Media is actually a low-cost mousepad and mousepad accessories distributor which just so happens to have a sophisticated in-house video team.

In the latest episode of TVR, Ben and Justin shoot the breeze about the advantages and disadvantages of in-house video teams, then dive into the resources you’ll need to create one.

Click below to get it now on Apple Podcasts –– or listen wherever you get your podcasts!

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Free Download: The Storyboard Guide to Event Video

“We need some event video.”

It’s a terrifying thing to hear if you’ve been planning an annual conference or a product launch party. This free-to-download Guide to Event Video features video concepts to deploy before, during, and after your event that will help improve your ROI.

With our guide, the only thing you’ll have to worry about at your event is the guy in the cape who keeps introducing himself to people as a “space doctor.”




Aviation Gin Creates a Sequel to the ‘Peloton Woman’ Ad [Marketing Land]

In a maneuver that combined timeliness, meme culture, and a simple product message, liquor brand Aviation Gin capitalized on Peloton’s moment of infamy.

Because when it comes to calling out a pretentious, out-of-touch company, there’s no better messenger than an expensive, celebrity-owned craft gin. Either way, Marketing Land argues why the ad will be a case study in viral marketing for years to come.




2019 Insights to Take You Into 2020 [Think with Google]

This year consumer journeys became increasingly complex. New channels of media consumption emerged, traditional industries went digital, standards in privacy and digital wellbeing were raised, and Baby Yoda entered the lexicon.

Think with Google compiled these fascinating insights from 2019 that inform the way you approach 2020, they will.




An Introduction to Google Ads Video Ad Sequencing [Search Engine Watch]

Video Ad Sequencing is a recent addition to the Google Ads video campaign types that allows advertisers to “tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of videos in the order that you define.” It’s like you get to program your own little film festival where you decide which cult classics your audience sees, ya weirdo.

Search Engine Watch put together this introduction to video ad sequencing so you can use it to use your ad spend more effectively.



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