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Storyboard Media Newsletter | 10/18/2019


Happy Friday

Here are a few things to distract you from our strange, cruel world
1. The Video Reformation, Ep 12: The Distribution Phase
2. Video Ad Best Practices to Catch –– and Retain –– Attention
3. A Deep (Fake) Look Into the Life of an Impressionist
4. Facebook to Pay $40M in Video Metrics Lawsuit
5. YouTube Trumps Netflix As Most Popular Channel for Teens


Fun Fact: The longest game in major league baseball history lasted 25-innings.


The Video Reformation Podcast, Ep. 12
The Distribution Phase

The distribution phase is that exciting time when you finally release your video into the world.

Ben and Justin begin today’s discussion by defining video distribution and explaining how it differs from promotion. They walk through some key distribution channels for video, the top video hosting platforms, and touch on a few common distribution mistakes and how to avoid them.

Plus, they go with the flow and introduce yet another new sponsor. Listen to the full episode now!

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Video Ad Best Practices to Catch
–– and Retain –– Attention [Think with Google]

“How do I make a video ad that people will stop to watch?” Hey, if we could guarantee that, we’d be billionaires instead of just multi-multi-millionaires.

But the folks over at Think with Google did put together some well-tested video ad best practices that can certainly help when it comes to gaining –– and retaining — viewers’ attention.


A Deeper Look Into the Life of an Impressionist

Somehow this deep fake video featuring actor Jim Meskimen manages to be both deeply impressive and deeply disturbing.

It demonstrates how deep fake technology could be used for entertainment… but will almost certainly be used to destroy us. Enjoy!


Facebook to Pay $40M in Video Metrics Lawsuit [Mobile Marketer]

Facebook is in talks to pay $40 million to settle a class-action lawsuit from small advertisers after the social network admitted to inflating its video metrics –– in some instances up to 60-80%. It’s a shame that Facebook’s metrics will now forever be suspect, but hopefully, the penalty will deter them from messing with analytics in the future.

Because, boy, Facebook is gonna be sore when they have to cough up 40 million of their *checks notes* 55.3 billion dollars in annual revenue. Ugh.


YouTube Trumps Netflix As Most Popular Channel for Teens [Marketing Dive]

According to a recent survey, teenagers spend 37% of their daily video consumption on YouTube –– an ad-based video platform –– just ahead of the 35% they spend on Netflix, which is ad-free.

Even more surprising is the fact that 87% of that Netflix consumption is spent binge-watching Grace & Frankie.

Read more of Marketing Dive’s teen-related video insights here.

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