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Reinventing the Testimonial Video

I am on a quest. Not so much an epic adventure seeking out some universal truth or even a religious relic. No, I am on a personal quest to… (wait for it…) reinvent the testimonial video.

I absolutely hate testimonial videos. Don’t get me wrong, I see their value. It’s a lot easier to build social proof for your product or service having someone who’s actually used it talk about how great it is. Otherwise you’re just sitting there saying, “Buy me because I’m awesome. Trust me.

But they’re so boring. And they all look the same. You can immediately picture one, right? If not, just do a google images search for “testimonial video”. I’ll wait here.

See what I mean? We can do better.

As I indicated above, I’m still currently on my own personal quest to reinvent the testimonial video. But here are some good examples that are heading the right direction:

Dollar Shave Club – “Mile High” & “First Born”



Slack – “So Yeah, We Tried Slack…”

QuizUp – “Come At Me”

And my all-time personal favorite (for many reasons, but partly because I’m a bit of a ferroequinologist)…

Rocky Mountaineer – “Speechless”

I mean, come on. The only better way to get a bunch of people to say, “speechless,” is by showing them utterly speechless.

So there you have it. The quest continues, but at least we’re on the right path.

If you have any interesting ideas for testimonials, or would like us to take a crack at some for your business, let me know in the comments.