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Press Play | Episode 6: Personalized Video (Part 1)



Episode 6: Personalized Video (Part 1)

On the 1st part of a 2 part episode of Press Play, Ben and Justin discuss Personalized Videos.

The key elements that are discussed are:

1. Customized For A Specific Viewer
2. Gets And Keeps Your Attention
3. Clear And Actionable CTA
4. Leverage The Personalization

Ben’s Example: Personalized Video by Vidyard

Justin’s Example: No Title

On Part 2, Ben and Justin take an in-depth look into the Personalized Video format.

Storyboard Media specializes in video strategies for growth-stage companies. Depending on your company’s goals and challenges, Personalized Video may be a critical component to your video strategy. If you want to learn more, or just want to talk about life, love, and loss, give us a call. We’re always here to listen.


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