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Press Play | Episode 2: Good Recruiting Videos



Episode 2: Good Recruiting Videos

Back with an all new episode of “Press Play”, Ben and Justin discuss their criteria for what makes a good HR Recruiting video, and then take a look at videos by Deloitte and ChannelAdvisor to see how they stand up.

The elements of a good Recruiting video are:

1. Get And Keep Attention

2. Educate The Viewer About The Company Culture

3. Move Them Through The Funnel Or Spit Them Out

4. No Ping Pong Tables

Ben’s Example: “Will You Fit In At Deloitte?” – Deloitte

Justin’s Example: “Work At ChannelAdvisor!” – ChannelAdvisor

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00:04 Ben: Hey there, welcome to Press Play where we take a look at the best and sometimes worst video marketing content out there. I’m Ben. That’s Justin. And today we’re gonna be taking a look at recruiting videos. Now that’s not military recruiting, it’s not sorority recruiting, these are HR recruiting videos, some kind of video to entice someone to want to apply for a job at a company. Justin, what are the key elements of a good recruiting video?

00:28 Justin: Well, we’ve seen a lot in our day, and a lot of it is the same old shit. So, first thing you wanna get and keep their attention.

00:37 Ben: Okay.

00:38 Justin: Second, explain what is unique about your company or your culture.

00:44 Ben: Alright.

00:45 Justin: Third, you can spend a lot of time and money in recruiting, so this video is intended to either move them down that funnel, the recruiting funnel or spit them out. You don’t wanna waste any of your time interviewing.

00:58 Ben: Makes sense yeah.

01:00 Justin: And fourth, no ping-pong tables, please.

01:01 Ben: Oh God, no. Maybe a foosball table or like a ball pit or something? That’d be kinda cool but…

01:07 Justin: Or a slip and slide?

01:07 Ben: Yeah, yeah, no ping pong tables. Alright, well let’s take a look at our first video today. It’s “Will you fit into Deloitte?” by Deloitte. Let’s press play.

03:19 Ben: So that’s not the entire video, that’s just part of it. But what I love about it is that it’s interactive. I think the whole thing to run through to unlock all of the achievements or whatever takes about six minutes. If you want to watch the video, I recommend you follow the link. I don’t know, my guess is it’s right about here right now. Here ish somewhere. Wherever Anthony decides to put it, but I’m guessing it’s right near here. You can watch the full video there. But I was actually drawn to this video just because of the interactivity. I think it’s kind of a pattern interrupter. You actually get to choose your option and you get to learn what their core values are? What are they looking for in an employee? And that’s really what drew me to it.

04:03 Ben: Another thing too is if you go through the whole experience, you get to this slide where you basically don’t have a whole bunch of other videos that you can watch. That’s one person talking about what it takes to get into their job. Their specific job. So it does a really interesting job of showing what the company is about, but also then really getting you to then go deeper down into that journey. I think the gamification is great, the interaction is great. Overall just really appealing to me, that’s why I decided to bring it in.

04:31 Justin: Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed that one. Let’s take a look at our list.

04:34 Ben: Okay.

04:35 Justin: Number one, Did it get and keep your attention?

04:38 Ben: I think it did. I think it could have done maybe a slightly better job of getting my attention. It did start with the gamification part with the energy up on the coffee.

04:46 Justin: Yeah. I like that.

04:47 Ben: That was pretty early and it certainly kept my attention ’cause once you know that it’s interactive, then you’re gonna have to do things. I started paying attention more. Like I actually chose the wrong on that but to get Sonia in the first place, I know the “Okay, I really have to pay attention to this” and I think it’s a great mechanism for that.

05:00 Justin: Did they explain something unique about their company or their culture?

05:03 Ben: Yeah. I think they showed that there are certain things that they value in their company culture, and without just like a talking head standing there, talking about, “We appreciate honesty and attention to detail.” They actually took you through the exercise. So, totally did that.

05:18 Justin: Awesome. Third?

05:20 Ben: I think it would’ve spit out anybody who doesn’t have the qualities that are necessary, if you failed more than once or twice, you might think “Not the company for me” but it also then gives you the opportunity at the end of the video to learn more about the specific roles that are there. I think it does a great job of moving further down that recruiting funnel.

05:37 Justin: One of the tracked, inputs it all to score their recruits…

05:42 Ben: It’d be really cool if you could integrate it with your email marketing or somehow, and email it to candidates and actually track individuals responses. So even if they ended up getting to the end, you could see how many wrong answers they put in. It looks like a pre-interview. Interesting.

05:58 Justin: I would not like that.

06:00 Ben: And I don’t recall seeing any ping-pong tables in there.

06:02 Justin: No ping-pong.

06:03 Ben: So, that’s good. So, I think that’s a win.

06:04 Justin: That’s awesome.

06:04 Ben: Justin, what do you got for us today?

06:06 Justin: Well, actually it’s a local company. It’s just down the road in Morrisville, called ChannelAdvisor. They’re growing quite a bit, and this one is called “Work at ChannelAdvisor”.

06:17 Ben: Let’s press play.

08:50 Justin: Alright.

08:51 Ben: Cool.

08:52 Justin: Yeah. So, there is an original version of this from a couple years ago. They kept it quite a bit shorter. I think he must’ve solved it under a minute. But I think their company has grown. They had a lot more to say. I would have liked to see him keep it shorter somehow. But in general, I liked the framework, kinda cutting back to the Rubik’s cube and cutting back to a little bit about the area that they’re working in, and some of the benefits to working in this area. And then also a little bit about the job specifically itself and what’s great about the job.

09:29 Ben: Yeah, I felt like you could get a good sense of the people, a good overall sense of the vibe that the company is in a growing market, so there’s a lot of opportunity. I think it hit those points well and I don’t really know what I’d pull out of there. And it was what? Two minutes and 30 seconds, something like that. Yeah little on the long side, but not terrible. Let’s look at our criteria. Did it get and keep your attention?

09:50 Justin: It attempted to and it did a pretty good job. I think it… Like I said, it went a little bit long, but that device of coming back to the Rubik’s cube, cutting back to employees was clever and I liked that a lot.

10:04 Ben: Okay, and so what specifically unique to the company or to the company’s culture did it show?

10:09 Justin: I think the Rubik’s cube itself and Scott Wingo, it’s all kind of got a little bit of a nerdy aspect to it. A big part of what they do is development. And so they’re definitely reaching out to that. But you kinda see that everywhere. I think what was interesting is they know that they’re pulling people from New York and from San Fran, and that there’s a lot of benefits to just living here. And so, I think they spoke to that.

10:35 Ben: Does it move the potential applicant through that recruiting funnel or does it spit them out? Does it do anything to qualify or disqualify them?

10:40 Justin: I think it does in someways. You saw the pacing, very fast paced. It’s a very growth focus company. So, if you’re maybe not into that sort of thing, you’ll recognize that and give you a little bit of a feel of the vibe, of the type of people that are working there. And I think in general, you should get a decent feel whether or not you’d be a good fit.

11:02 Ben: Okay, that makes sense. Now, I feel like I saw a pinball machine, but I don’t think I saw a ping-pong table.

11:07 Justin: I’ll take pinball.

11:09 Ben: Yeah. So, that’s a yes on “No ping-pong table.”

11:12 Justin: Yes, that’s correct.

11:13 Ben: Okay. Well, that’s good. So, that’s our episode for today. If you’ve got a good or particularly bad recruiting video that you wanna share with us, please share it in the comments below and we’ll see you next time on Press Play. Bye-bye.