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Press Play | Episode 1: Good Testimonial Videos


Episode 1: Good Testimonial Videos

This month on Press Play, we’re once again tackling the topic of Testimonial videos. On today’s episode, Ben and Justin look at two examples of good Testimonial videos.

The elements of a good Testimonial video are:

1. Authentic

2. Relevant

3. Help Viewer Reach A Decision

4. Not The Same Old Shit

Ben’s Example: “Speechless” – Rocky Mountaineer

Justin’s Example: http://bit.ly/2qhlJaB

At Storyboard Media, we specialize in designing and implementing video strategies for growth-stage companies. If you want to find out if creating good testimonial videos is the right move for your company, shoot us a message or sign up for a Springboard today. We’ll help you steer clear of bad testimonial videos help propel your business to the next level.

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