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How to Use Video Messages for Cold Outreach


Back in 2018, we created a series of “cold calling” videos designed to work in a Hubspot email sequence. These emails were sent in batches to prospect lists, lists we developed based on a specific set of criteria. If you’re a regular listener to The Video Reformation podcast, you may have heard Episode 46, Cold Calling with Video Messages, where we discussed this video sequence, why we developed it, and the results.

In the subsequent years, some of our company’s positioning has shifted, so these videos aren’t as relevant to where we’re at as a business. But nevertheless, we’re proud of some of the strategy and creativity that went into producing these videos, and there’s value in revisiting them to learn about how to cold call with video.

Let’s take a look at the videos we created, and walk through a little bit of the strategy behind each piece.

Video 1: Take the Guesswork Out of Video

The first video in our sequence asked and answered the question, “If lead generation tactics have gotten stale, or existing methods are simply not working that well, video could be your solution. But you’re probably wondering… how, exactly?”

We wanted to help our cold prospects ‘take the guesswork out of video’ in the video below, and show them how we might solve problems through video solutions. That said, we weren’t trying to be overly ‘salesy’ about it, hence the tone and style.

If video seemed like an interesting option for the viewer, we invited them to have a chat to learn more about what they were trying to accomplish.

Video 2: Two Justins

We throw around the term “video marketing” a lot. But there’s a difference between ‘video marketing’ and ‘marketing videos’. That was essentially the thesis of the second cold calling video message in our sequence, before explaining what we mean by it in the video below with the help of two Justins. We ultimately created four (4) versions of this video, targeting marketers, sales teams, customer success teams, and HR teams.

Video 3: People Like Us

As you may have figured out by now, we think pretty highly of ourselves. But we’re not the only ones who do. That’s why we provided some social proof to our prospects in the form of this “engaging” testimonial video. Just watch it.

Video 4: The Right Fit (il faut trouver chaussure a notre pied)

After having a little bit of fun in our previous email, we wanted to get a little bit serious — French New Wave-style. Our ‘Right Fit’ video was our way of flexing our creative muscles while also helping anyone still interested decide whether or not a video agency with our… je ne sais quoi… was really right for them. It was also just a way to shake up the way we were cold calling with video messages.

We’re only looking to work with a handful of clients at any given time. So the “right fit” is important to us. And if that prospect didn’t see a connection after watching this video, that was totally cool, too.

Au revoir.