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FURNITURELAB | Product Videos

Client: FurnitureLab

HQ: Durham, NC

URL: https://furniturelab.com/

Company Type: Contract Furniture Market

Project Focus: Branding

Case Summary: Striking the perfect balance between fun and functional, the goal of this video series was to reflect our clients warm personality and leave their corporate furniture buyers with a smile. We brought in local talent who had improv comedy experience to create the FurnitureLabbers, a troupe of improvisors whose mission was to deliver the FurnitureLab product information in a funny and engaging package. On set, our troupe performed improv games and scenes with the objective of informing dealers why they should choose FurnitureLab.

Before the shoot, the cast attended 1 day of FurnitureLab Camp where they learned all about the client and a little bit about their fellow Labbers. After Camp, we provided everyone in the FurnitureLabbers troupe with a list of their furniture pieces. Equipped with a FurnitureLab Guidebook –– featuring unique product specs and bulleted improv prompts –– their goal was to make your furniture fun, engaging, and memorable while incorporating accurate and relevant details about each product.

In the end, we created 24 videos and photography for each piece all within 3 days of shooting.

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