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Case Study: TransPerfect | GlobalLink Next Promotional Campaign



Company Type:

Technology, B2B

Project Focus:

Marketing, Sales, Brand Awareness, Event Video

Client Product/Service:

Language services and technology solutions for global business

Case Summary

GlobalLink from TransPerfect provides B2B translation technology and services to facilitate international business. TransPerfect was looking for a way to promote their service, their brand, and their annual GlobalLink NEXT conference using video.

Through our strategic process, a Springboard, we set out to understand the greatest needs for both GlobalLink NEXT (their premier international event series) as well as their suite of technology solutions and recommend video content to address those needs.

We ultimately executed a comprehensive video strategy that communicated the specific value propositions of the event, helped to justify the cost of the event for potential attendees, and provided tools to the marketing and sales team hype the event and drive attendance.


GlobalLink from TransPerfect is an enterprise language translation and localization service. GlobalLink NEXT is an annual, invitation-only event where all the parts of the GlobalLink equation come together: users, product developers, prospects, support staff, and salespeople.

As we began our strategic engagement, we educated ourselves about the event by reviewing interviews and other footage or collateral from previous GlobalLink Next events. It was our mission to fully understand the event, their suite of products, and see how we might create effective video content from the footage we were provided.

Before settling on specific concepts, we knew it was critical to first understand the specific goals that the TransPerfect team wanted to achieve and the audience personas they wanted to target, and how to distribute the videos once they were produced.


Shortly after launching the Springboard process, we conducted interviews with several key stakeholders involved with TransPerfect’s GlobalLink NEXT initiative. Through the course of these interviews, we were able to determine the specific goals the team was trying to achieve and, equally important, the personas they were trying to target.

The goals included an increase in headcount at the 2018 GlobalLink NEXT, communicating the value of the event to potential attendees, and developing a stronger social media presence on relevant channels.

The personas included prospects in the marketing and IT space with some awareness of GlobalLink’s potential, existing GlobalLink customers who wanted to learn to use the platform more effectively, and independent consultants who interact with the GlobalLink platform in their professional ecosystem.

This gave us the insight we needed to move forward with developing our strategic concepts. Unfortunately, the footage and other content that was provided had no real value, so we set out to create our own. These concepts we developed included a ‘Save the Date’ video campaign, a ‘Top Reasons to Attend’ campaign, a ‘Convince Your Boss’ video campaign, a ‘User Stories’ video campaign, and an ‘About the Speakers’ video campaign. While each concept was designed to achieve a specific purpose, they were also intended to integrate with one another.

At the same time, we determined the distribution channels through which we would publish and promote the video content once it was produced, and the variety of additional deliverables necessary to execute those campaigns. The key focus for distribution would be through LinkedIn; at the time, TransPerfect boasted just over 50,000 LinkedIn followers and as a B2B company, it is where they can most directly connect with clients and prospects. YouTube would also be an important network, though subscribers here would not necessarily translate into conversions. Email, Vimeo, and additional social media networks were also included in the distribution plan.


In the end, we decided to move forward with four strategic concepts: ‘Save the Date’, ‘Top Reasons to Attend’, ‘Convince Your Boss’, and ‘About the Speakers’.

The two ‘Save the Date’ videos were for the GlobalLink DC and GlobalLink Amsterdam Conferences. Featuring footage from previous events, these high-energy spots were specifically designed to hype up the event and raise awareness among the target audience – concluding with one clear call to action: Register Now.

The ‘Top Reasons’ campaign featured four event reminders intended to be released at specifically chosen dates ahead of the event. Each video focused on the top reasons to attend (e.g., gain product insights, stay ahead of the competition, hear user testimonials, mix business with pleasure) to move the target audience personas from the awareness stage to the action stage.

The ‘How to Convince Your Boss’ campaign featured entertaining “tips” for convincing your boss to let you attend the GlobalLink NEXT Conference. This campaign included an extended feature video as well as four shorter promo videos, all of which gave viewers the tools they needed to secure time off and travel expenses from their superiors.

Last but not least, we created an ‘About the Speakers’ video to further persuade those on the cusp of making a decision by highlighting the featured speakers and topics.

In the end, we provided TransPerfect with over 75 deliverables, including 11 videos, 8 promotional video assets, and over 50 customized thumbnails and animated .gifs.

The videos, hosted on Vimeo, were launched according to our previously outlined distribution strategy via LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and through Email newsletter blasts. All of these distribution channels were aimed at attracting TransPerfect’s target audience to reach people who would be most interested in attending GlobalLink NEXT 2018.

Our event video strategy did not end with this promotional campaign; check out Part Two of this case study to learn how we took advantage of GlobalLink NEXT event itself to capture customer stories and speaker presentations.

TransPerfect | GlobalLink NEXT: DC | Save the Date

TransPerfect | GlobalLink NEXT: Amsterdam | Save the Date

TransPerfect | Top Reasons: Blow Your Mind

TransPerfect | Top Reasons: Knowledge Is Power

TransPerfect | Top Reasons: Mix Business With Pleasure

TransPerfect | Top Reasons: Get The Inside Scoop

TransPerfect | Convince Your Boss

TransPerfect | Convince Your Boss: Promo 1

TransPerfect | Convince Your Boss: Promo 2

TransPerfect | Convince Your Boss: Promo 3

TransPerfect | Convince Your Boss: Promo 4

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