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Case Study: Teamworks | Trade Show Exhibit Video



Company Type:

B2B, Software Company

Project Focus:

Marketing, Sales, Recruiting

Client Product/Service:

Athlete Engagement Software

Case Summary


Teamworks is an athlete engagement platform serving over 2,000 teams worldwide. They initially came to Storyboard Media in 2017 when they needed to submit a video for their Sports Business Journal’s “Best in Sports Technology” Award nomination. That project sparked a partnership that ultimately included a trade show exhibition video, product micro demos, and an inspirational Townhall. Below, we outline the process through which we created a successful trade show video that increased brand exposure and drove more qualified leads to the Teamworks sales team.


After a successful collaboration on the Sports Business Journal Awards “Best in Sports Technology” nominee video, Teamworks contacted us seeking ways to set their brand apart from the competition using video.

For a company like Teamworks, which attends many trade shows throughout the year, it’s important to quickly grab the attention of potential clients – especially when you’re one of the hundreds of brands competing for attention in convention halls.


We started the project by designing a strategy for the video. First, we needed to examine the specific goal or goals that Teamworks wanted to achieve using video. We agreed that the video needed to hook and engage with their audience outside of a stagnant backdrop and printed materials. The video needed to clearly explain the benefits of their software from the athlete’s perspective, while also clearly demonstrating how various members of a sports organization (e.g. coaches, assistants, teammates) can use the platform. Finally, because it would be playing to a passing audience at a busy trade show, we knew the video needed to convey all of this information visually; music and sound cues would not be audible in a trade show environment.

The central idea of our creative concept was to speak to the prospective customer, the team management professional who would be attending the show, by addressing that person directly: “How Do You Communicate With Your Athletes?”

We clearly displayed the ‘outdated’ modes of communication in a fun, visually engaging way before revealing a smartphone featuring the Teamworks app. From there, we showed athletes actually using the product’s most popular features through a combination of live-action and motion graphics.


At their next trade show, Teamworks was able to catch the attention of those passing by their booth and to create meaningful introductions. The video successfully captured the brand’s voice – despite being completely silent.

All it took was a little bit of video… and a low flying airplane.

Ultimately, we continued our partnership with Teamworks. In 2018, we embarked on created another video strategy designed to highlight the new direction in which the company was moving by filming an inspirational Townhall event and showcase the latest features of their athlete engagement platform with a series of micro demo videos.

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