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Case Study: Lucidworks | Lucid Thoughts



Company Type:

Artificial Intelligence Software, B2B

Project Focus:

Marketing, Sales

Client Product/Service:

Artificial Intelligence solutions for business

Case Summary

Lucidworks initially came to Storyboard Media seeking a few animated explainer videos that could communicate the benefits of their advanced AI software to the average executive. Our strategic Springboard process ultimately led to the creation of a live-action video series that launched a new YouTube channel, Lucid Thoughts.


Lucidworks approached Storyboard Media requesting a quote for a set of animated explainer videos for AI methods related to the Lucidworks Fusion platform. After conversations with several key stakeholders within the company, we were able to better understand that the specific goal was to create content that could “refill the well” at the top of the sales funnel.

Through our strategic Springboard process, we determined that the best way to achieve this goal would be to target the “pre-awareness” type of prospect and position Lucidworks as an expert in the field of AI-based B2B services. Given the complicated nature of AI and its intimidating (and often misunderstood) reputation, we felt that this project needed a slightly more… human touch.


We developed the concept for the Lucid Thoughts channel by working closely with the Lucidworks marketing team. Rather than deploy a series of animated explainer videos to achieve the goal of addressing the “pre-aware” prospect, we felt a more engaging solution would be to create a series of videos featuring a real person breaking down AI concepts in a straightforward manner, with minimal use of jargon and mumbo-jumbo.

Devising a distribution strategy early was key: these videos would live on a dedicated, branded YouTube channel, the Lucid Thoughts channel. This would give Lucidworks the best opportunity to take advantage of search on YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine!), make the content easy to share and promote, and provide future opportunities to expand with additional ‘series’ down the line. The separate channel also offers a safe place for those unfamiliar with AI to learn in a sales-free environment, without salespeople, cookies, and otherwise gated content getting in the way of their self-education.

Together, we decided that the first (of potentially many) series would focus on the ‘Fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence’. From a creative development standpoint, the scripts would need to break down complex technical concepts in a way that was clear, relatable, and fun. Once we knew which core principles we wanted to touch on, we broke those out into six episodes and got to work writing the scripts.

We hired an energetic ‘everyman’ host, Brynn, who could connect to our target audience. Finally, we turned to our talented network of freelancers to add some upbeat music, colorful animation, and creative editing to further enhance the viewing experience and drive the episode concepts home.


The Lucid Thoughts YouTube channel launched in November 2018. In the end, we created six full episodes of Lucid Thoughts, 3 promo videos for each episode (18 total), 3 channel promo videos, and branded YouTube channel art. We also provided Lucidworks with promotional thumbnail images and .gifs for each deliverable should they want to incorporate these videos elsewhere in the future.

To facilitate the distribution strategy, we provided Lucidworks with detailed instructions on how to upload and optimize the videos on YouTube. We also designed a recommended paid ad campaign strategy, primarily focusing on Adwords and LinkedIn Sponsored Content to reach their target audience.

Last, but not least, we set Lucidworks up with our partner, Vidyard, and helped them migrate their video content to the new platform. Vidyard will aggregate data generated from the Lucid Thoughts videos, as well as all of their video content across multiple platforms (including much richer viewer behavior than what YouTube would provide). This enables Lucidworks to better understand who their viewers are, which videos those viewers are watching, and even see which parts of each video those viewers have revisited (among others). These insights can help Lucidworks better understand their audience and identify more qualified leads.

We also helped them get set up with Vidyard’s GoVideo, taking video a step further by allowing the sales team to implement video strategies into their process by either sending personalized messages to prospects, as well as leveraging Marketing’s video content in new channels. It’s the perfect example of the power of video in sales: you can both educate your customers and learn about them at the same time, all while making a stronger connection and giving the viewer more of what they want: video.

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