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Case Study: FURNITURELAB | The FurnitureLabbers Product Videos



Company Type:

Contract Furniture Market

Project Focus:


Client Product/Service:

Custom Commercial Furniture

Case Summary

FurnitureLab, a contract furniture manufacturer serving various industries, came to StoryBoard Media with a need for video content that highlighted their tables, chairs, bases, and booths, and also left their prospects and customers smiling.

We created a troupe of local improvisers dubbed the FurnitureLabbers to highlight the features and benefits of FurnitureLab’s products in a way that was fun, engaging, and occasionally weird using technical details and comedic prompts.

Ultimately, we created 24 product videos, several dozen professional photos, as well as additional distribution assets for each product.


COVID-19 kept people at home and away from offices, educational spaces, healthcare centers, and government facilities. With people staying home, sales figures for the contract furniture market fell. FurnitureLab wanted help returning their sales numbers to their pre-COVID figures. Fortunately, FurnitureLab already had a strong brand with a sturdy social media presence and potent email list comprised of their target audiences: dealers and designers. That created a ripe opportunity to supercharge their content marketing with high-quality, engaging video and supporting assets. To do that, they needed video content that would accomplish several things:

  • Increase brand awareness and stickiness.
  • Strengthen relationships with contract furniture dealers.
  • Be usable by the sales team when working directly with current or potential clients.
  • Offset the price-point objection by visually showcasing product quality.

To further support the value of their fully customizable products, each comes with an industry-leading 10-year, no-questions-asked warranty –– a detail we wanted to be sure to highlight.

Last but not least, FurnitureLab wanted a creative concept that would reflect the fun-filled culture of the company; they wanted the style and tone to be funny, quirky, and silly to leave their viewers “with a smile.” Challenge, accepted.


Our concept for the series involved hiring local improvisers, getting them closely acquainted with product features and specifications, then letting them loose with prepared prompts to spark their improvisation. 

Of course, with a three-day schedule to shoot 24 videos, we needed to know that our concept worked and identify any wrinkles that could stop production in its tracks. Otherwise, there was a potential for missed deadlines and sacrificed quality.

To test our concept, we shot test footage with two local actors. Satisfied that the test worked, we auditioned local improvisers with extensive long-form improv experience. We keyed in on improvisers with high levels of energy, enthusiasm, friendliness, and honesty.

Once we formed our new improv troupe, the FurnitureLabbers, we led them through a FurnitureLab boot camp before production began. The goals were multiple:

  • Give the Labbers a deep dive into the FurnitureLab brand
  • Provide hands-on experience with the products featured in the series
  • Help the improvisers develop a group chemistry

Additionally, we had a professional photographer on hand to capture high-resolution still photos of all the pieces.

After the boot camp, we paired off the improvisers and a brief research document. In the document were bullet points about product features we wanted to highlight and improv prompts that allowed them to establish the “game” of each video quickly.

Some examples of our prompts include:

  • For the TrueColor Tabletop: Talk about a time where colors clashed or where colors just didn’t match. That will never be a problem with TrueColor Tabletop.
  • For the Millennium Series Base: Sci-fi jokes while also not breaking copyright.
  • For the Mercury Booth: One performer sits while the other tries to take their seat.

The goal of each prompt wasn’t to provide a fully written “scene” but to allow the improvisers room to play. That kept things fun and engaging without sounding dry or overly written.

We tried to maximize every second of our schedule during the three-day shoot. For example, while the crew set up each new piece of furniture, we had the improvisers record voiceover where they recited all the benefits and technical details we wanted to include in the video.

We ensured that no feature would go unmentioned with both the VO and the recorded video. If a FurnitureLabber forgot to include a key detail during their improvisation, we could patch in the voiceover and on-screen graphics during post-production.


After completing post-production, we had a variety of deliverables to give to FurnitureLab:

  • 24 product videos
  • Dozens of animated GIFs
  • Hundreds of high-quality still photographs

We also created a distribution plan to highlight the rollout of each piece of content. Videos were uploaded to a video hub page on the FurnitureLab website and embedded on the appropriate product page.

For release via FurnitureLab’s newsletter and social media channels, we developed a schedule to maximize the attention paid to each video.

In the end, through the work of our crew and improv troupe, we provided content that highlighted FurnitureLab’s products in an engaging way and lives up to their company values.

Watch The Full FurnitureLabbers Series Here:

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